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When Ross offers to show Marius the area of land on which he plans to build a house for his family, Marius is only too happy to accept. He really enjoys the other man's company as a friend; they have a lot in common, both being out of time and having witnessed brutal realities. Marius appreciates that Ross understands the way he thinks, and he's thoroughly enjoyed the conversations they've had in the past.

He's a little intimidated when Ross mentions riding out on horseback, the memory of his adventure with Courfeyrac still fresh in Marius' mind. But he accepts, because, for all that he did fall right on his ass, Marius really does appreciate the quiet sturdiness of such creatures. And it is such the time of year that fresh air while in excellent company will do him a world of good.

He manages to obtain a quiet, gentle horse, closer to the size of a pony, for himself. He pets her constantly as he rides, his hands shaking a bit as they hold the reins though he tries not to let it show.

"So you're building the house yourself, then?" Marius turns to ask Ross. "That is quite ambitious. I wish you all the luck with it."
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