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Marius cannot stop entangling his fingers together as he sits in one of the booths on the first floor of Tintern Abbey; his feet tap restlessly against the wooden floors and he keeps glancing at the door. He hears Marie and Pierre snickering at him behind the bar; he keeps himself from looking their way as much as he can help it. He knows he looks ridiculous; he feels utterly ridiculous, down to his very bones.

But he cannot put off introducing Kathy to his dearest friend. As they all three of them share a building, it is more likely than not that his girlfriend (and his heart flutters, as he thinks the word, a word unfamiliar to him, yet wonderful all the same) would run into Courfeyrac sooner rather than later. And Marius, knowing Courfeyrac as well as he does, would prefer to be there when the two of them meet, at the least to prevent Courfeyrac from telling Kathy his most embarrassing stories.

Still, he wants them both to like each other. It means the world to him that the both of them do; they are both such important figures in his life, he doesn't know what he'll do if this turns disastrous. So he tries not to think of such things, tries to focus on Kathy's sweet dimples and Courfeyrac's teasing, yet encouraging, smile.

He sent a text to each of them, explaining to meet at his work. It's especially quiet this afternoon; most patrons sit a good distance away at other tables, as the chill of the September sun leaking in through the tinted windows like faerie lights. It does little to actually calm Marius' nerves, but it proves soothing to observe, nonetheless.

He wishes he could keep his gaze from the door.
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Marius spends the entire morning trying to figure out how to dress himself. He keeps changing shirts and trousers both, unable to satisfy himself with the colors or the cuts of the fabric. He does not want to appear too formal for ice cream, yet, he wants to make himself look nice for Kathy. He puts on a record, something from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, and tries not to think too much. He fails on this last count, but, after about three hours of agony, manages to settle upon a loose, white dress shirt and a pair of dark olive chinos. He wears a nice pair of leather boots to complete the outfit and attempts to tame his hair, which doesn't quite work, but he made the attempt, he tells himself.

At one, Marius makes his way out of the apartment, trying to keep his keys from slipping from his sweaty palms as he balances the flowers he found at a local flower shop, a bunch of hydrangeas, in his other hand. His nerves feel on edge, and his stomach keeps rolling about. He inhales deeply, trying to calm himself. He hopes the flowers aren't too much.

He focuses his thoughts on the imminent promises of ice cream and the boardwalk, looking out at the sea with the loveliest, sweetest woman in Darrow. His lips quirk into a smile then, just as he reaches Kathy's door. He knocks, steps back, and waits.
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