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It's been some time since Marius has last seen Grantaire, now that his friend no longer works with him at Tintern. That, and the fact that nearly all of Marius' time is now split between work and his classes at school, renders the act of getting together to catch up somewhat of a juggling act.

However, an afternoon happens in which Marius has actual free time to spend as he pleases, and so he texts his friend to see if he might want to meet over coffee. He knows Grantaire is working hard at staying sober, so he thinks a cozy little cafe, not a bar or pub, will be a good place to meet. He finds just the place near the park, with outdoor seating when the weather warms up.

He takes a seat at a table in the corner, trying to ignore the fact that he hasn't been sleeping lately. His shoulders slump a bit; he rests the side of his head in his hand, trying to keep an eye out for his friend while also blinking furiously to keep himself awake. It seems to be a losing battle.

But this is the first free afternoon Marius has had in some time, and he means to enjoy it, exhaustion be damned.
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