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Today, he feels in the mood for chocolate of some kind; something velvet-like in texture and rich in taste, the kind that he once indulged in before he vacated his grandfather's home in Paris. The full chill of autumn is just setting in as he exits his apartment buidling; the afternoon is young yet, and Marius doesn't have to work until later tonight. He pulls his newly purchased peacoat close to him and grins, watching as his breath materializes like steam off glass into the air. Yes chocolate would do nicely against the cold; perhaps he would purchase one of those warm, chocolate drinks he's heard so much about.

A sudden, scraping noise from above his head catches Marius' attention, starting him out of his thoughts of chocolate and the incoming winter. He turns, trying to find the source of the noise, when a familiar, French voice rife with youth and courage floats down to him. As he turns to face the building behind him, he finds one gamin clambering down one of the fire escapes.

"Gavroche?" Marius calls out, hurrying over to him. "Gavroche, what are you doing?"

It has been a bit of time since Marius has seen Gavroche last, and a sudden influx of guilt makes him wince. He ought to check in on him more, at the very least. He owes both Gavroche and Eponine that much.

"Gavroche, be careful," Marius says, nervous at the sight of the young man on the fire escapes. The thought of anything happening to him, again, makes him worry his hands together in fear.
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