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With each day spent in Darrow, Marius finds himself growing more at ease in his new world. He can walk with his cane without tripping over himself; he can purchase food for himself without much struggle. (Discounting that one incident in which he mistook a five dollar bill for a ten and had to flee from the cashier who took him for some sort of crook. His ears burn still thinking about it.) Much to his own surprise, Marius has adjusted rather well to a new environment.

Of course, even after "settling in," much as a young man from 19th century Paris is able to settle in a city of an undisclosed location, he still has his own burdens to bear. Loneliness is the chiefest among them, settled deep within his bones like a lingering illness. He misses Cosette; he mourns for Les Amis and Eponine, their deaths still embedded in his thoughts. His apartment feels like an over sized dress shirt; too large and loose for his single, scrawny person.

So, again, he is out for a walk, enjoying the slightly warmer weather even if the sky is still overcast. Today, he has a purpose: he wants to acquire a pet. While he has yet to obtain a steady job, Marius has been able to find work tutoring university students and translating documents by request. He still has money left over from the envelope at the train station as well. The desire for a companion of some sort has been brewing within him for awhile now, and with his current resources, Marius believes himself capable of looking after another creature.

Growing up in his grandfather's wretched manor, Marius was never allowed near animals except those approved by his grandfather. M. Gillenormand never much cared for cats, and Marius thinks he remembers a cat when his mother still lived. So his heart is set on a cat at the moment. He walks up and down streets, glancing at windows and signs plastered to boards and street lights, looking for any kind of sign for a place that might have pets available for sale or adoption.
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