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Out of all of the modern inventions he’s still adjusting to, modern sweets manage to confound and delight Marius the most. Sitting on a bench in the park, (half of him wants to wallow by the sea, the other half flinches at the very idea), he nibbles a bit a strange confection known as a Peep. Shaped like a bird and colored like a crayon, he twirls the figure before taking another bite. The treat’s sweetness is enough that he almost smiles; but then, he thinks of Kathy again and his brief respite sours.

He should have known, given the nature of his life up until Darrow, that such happiness as he found with Kathy, like the warmth of spring, never could last. And he thought he would have learned by now, but he supposes there is still so much of him that remains naïve, like a child.

It has been months now, since he found her apartment vacant. His stomach curls at the memory of it; the sudden realization as he knocked to no response. He’d pulled out his phone then, of course, fingers trembling in panic as he tried to type out a simple text message. He’d waited for a good ten minutes before making the actual call, but by then, the unfurling knot in the pit of his stomach alerted him to the truth.

Kathy was gone, back to her world and the tragic fate that awaited her there.

Marius somehow made it back to his own apartment, where he fell onto his couch in the midst of his tears, awakening hours later to Courfeyrcat kneading his arm.

He became something of a recluse, barely leaving his apartment beyond the need for work and errands.

So today he decided to take the initiative; he left his apartment in the hopes of distracting himself. The promotions for Easter in various shops caught his eye, and for a moment, he felt himself transported from the aching in his chest.

But of course, that illusion vanished before he could fully maintain a hold on it.

Even though time moves on, the weight of the ache in his heart anchors Marius to the past. So now he sits on his bench, beneath the shadow of a nearby lamppost, with marshmallow birds for company, as day fades into evening.

[ooc: Open to anyone and everyone; Marius is really sad but it's not a bad time to meet him!]
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The morning after Kate's bachelorette party, Marius awakens to a throbbing pain in his head and a distinct unease unfolding in the pit of his stomach. He groans, rolling over onto his side to bury his head beneath his pillow, as if that could keep the impending sunlight at bay or calm the waves of nausea washing over him; his body refuses to return to sleep, much to his dismay. He wonders briefly if his head, weighing as heavy as a stone against his pillow, might simply fall through the mattress to the floor underneath his bed.

It's at this moment that Courfeyrcat decides he desperately needs Marius' attention; he pounces and lands on Marius lower back, claws extending into his skin.

Marius lets out a string of curses in French, sitting up abruptly at the interruption to his own misery and nearly throwing his cat to the floor. Courfyercat hisses at him before giving him his tail and walking away as haughty as his namesake. The sudden movement leaves Marius dizzy, and that unease in his belly sours even further.

"Shit," he mutters, picking himself up and attempting to run to the bathroom before it's too late. His head reverberates in time with his steps and his bare feet prick themselves on strewn about pens and pencils across his bedroom floor; he crashes into the door frame of the bathroom and nearly loses control then and there.

Somehow, however, he manages to fall to his knees in front of the porcelain bowl, in a mockery of earnest genuflection; as if his posture might convince his own body of his innocence.

No such luck for him this morning.

Illness wracks his frame for what feels an eternity; the pain in his head only increases with each passing moment. He wonders how Grantaire deals with these consequences all the time; he vows solemnly to himself to never drink again.

Just as he rises and stumbles over to the sink to brush his teeth and wipe his face, a knocking comes to his door. Marius glances up to find his own pale reflection gaping back at him.

"Shit," he repeats to himself.

[Set to October 19, 2014]
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Today, he feels in the mood for chocolate of some kind; something velvet-like in texture and rich in taste, the kind that he once indulged in before he vacated his grandfather's home in Paris. The full chill of autumn is just setting in as he exits his apartment buidling; the afternoon is young yet, and Marius doesn't have to work until later tonight. He pulls his newly purchased peacoat close to him and grins, watching as his breath materializes like steam off glass into the air. Yes chocolate would do nicely against the cold; perhaps he would purchase one of those warm, chocolate drinks he's heard so much about.

A sudden, scraping noise from above his head catches Marius' attention, starting him out of his thoughts of chocolate and the incoming winter. He turns, trying to find the source of the noise, when a familiar, French voice rife with youth and courage floats down to him. As he turns to face the building behind him, he finds one gamin clambering down one of the fire escapes.

"Gavroche?" Marius calls out, hurrying over to him. "Gavroche, what are you doing?"

It has been a bit of time since Marius has seen Gavroche last, and a sudden influx of guilt makes him wince. He ought to check in on him more, at the very least. He owes both Gavroche and Eponine that much.

"Gavroche, be careful," Marius says, nervous at the sight of the young man on the fire escapes. The thought of anything happening to him, again, makes him worry his hands together in fear.
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Marius cannot stop entangling his fingers together as he sits in one of the booths on the first floor of Tintern Abbey; his feet tap restlessly against the wooden floors and he keeps glancing at the door. He hears Marie and Pierre snickering at him behind the bar; he keeps himself from looking their way as much as he can help it. He knows he looks ridiculous; he feels utterly ridiculous, down to his very bones.

But he cannot put off introducing Kathy to his dearest friend. As they all three of them share a building, it is more likely than not that his girlfriend (and his heart flutters, as he thinks the word, a word unfamiliar to him, yet wonderful all the same) would run into Courfeyrac sooner rather than later. And Marius, knowing Courfeyrac as well as he does, would prefer to be there when the two of them meet, at the least to prevent Courfeyrac from telling Kathy his most embarrassing stories.

Still, he wants them both to like each other. It means the world to him that the both of them do; they are both such important figures in his life, he doesn't know what he'll do if this turns disastrous. So he tries not to think of such things, tries to focus on Kathy's sweet dimples and Courfeyrac's teasing, yet encouraging, smile.

He sent a text to each of them, explaining to meet at his work. It's especially quiet this afternoon; most patrons sit a good distance away at other tables, as the chill of the September sun leaking in through the tinted windows like faerie lights. It does little to actually calm Marius' nerves, but it proves soothing to observe, nonetheless.

He wishes he could keep his gaze from the door.
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Marius spends the entire morning trying to figure out how to dress himself. He keeps changing shirts and trousers both, unable to satisfy himself with the colors or the cuts of the fabric. He does not want to appear too formal for ice cream, yet, he wants to make himself look nice for Kathy. He puts on a record, something from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, and tries not to think too much. He fails on this last count, but, after about three hours of agony, manages to settle upon a loose, white dress shirt and a pair of dark olive chinos. He wears a nice pair of leather boots to complete the outfit and attempts to tame his hair, which doesn't quite work, but he made the attempt, he tells himself.

At one, Marius makes his way out of the apartment, trying to keep his keys from slipping from his sweaty palms as he balances the flowers he found at a local flower shop, a bunch of hydrangeas, in his other hand. His nerves feel on edge, and his stomach keeps rolling about. He inhales deeply, trying to calm himself. He hopes the flowers aren't too much.

He focuses his thoughts on the imminent promises of ice cream and the boardwalk, looking out at the sea with the loveliest, sweetest woman in Darrow. His lips quirk into a smile then, just as he reaches Kathy's door. He knocks, steps back, and waits.
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Marius is pacing out in the courtyard of Dimera Apartments, his gaze jumping from the sky to the ground as he fidgets with his hands, fingers drumming against the lower half of his face. His eyes flash and his mouth moves in a conversation he holds with himself. It is an overcast day, possibly with the threat of rain later, but Marius pays the weather no mind. Indeed, he pays nothing of mind except what preoccupies his thoughts: his budding feelings for Kathy.

Just the thought of her dimples can stir his heart, let alone thoughts of her goodness and comfort, the way she always looks out for others over herself. Marius has long admired her as a person, but is only just now able to acknowledge how deeply that admiration runs. He has feelings for her, deep feelings that both provide comfort to him and scare him, the sort of feelings he never thought he would experience again.

So he paces in the courtyard, muttering to himself, thinking of their upcoming date, if it could be considered as such, and wondering if he should talk to Courfeyrac first, who, even with his teasing, would also let Marius know if he were about to make a fool of himself.

He takes his cellphone out of his pocket, the same one Kathy taught him to use, he realizes with a blush, and comes to a halt in the middle of his pacing. Now he just has to think of what to send as a text message.
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Marius tries not to cling to Courfeyrac overly much, not since his arrival and with his relative newness to the city. He does not want to overwhelm the man, nor inspire any sort of discomfort as he adjusts to modern life and reconciling his current situation with the events of Paris. Still, he finds himself eager and quick to respond when Courfeyrac seeks his company. So when Courfeyrac suggests they meet for drinks at a local pub, Marius all but leaps at the opportunity.

He dresses himself in what he thinks to be an acceptable outfit for the occasion, a pair of black chinos and a soft, off-white shirt, as Courfeyrcat mews by his ankles, sensing that Marius is to leave him for the evening.

“I will return soon enough,” he assures his feline companion, a fond smile on his face. Since acquiring his cat, the creature seems to fret over him like a mother hen, which only further conspires to have Marius wrapped around the creature’s small paw.

“Mew,” Courfeyrcat answers balefully, swatting at Marius’ foot as he makes his way out of his bedroom and apartment, heading towards the courtyard where he agreed to meet his friend. It is funny, he thinks to himself, hands tucked into his pockets as he sways on his feet, how everything appears to come full circle, where once Courfeyrac and himself shared rooms, they know share an apartment complex. It makes him smile, again gladdened by his dear friend’s sudden appearance in Darrow.

He doesn’t know what to expect of their outing tonight, but Marius thinks he is prepared to drink with Courfeyrac. Or, well, as ready as he’ll ever be.
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With each day spent in Darrow, Marius finds himself growing more at ease in his new world. He can walk with his cane without tripping over himself; he can purchase food for himself without much struggle. (Discounting that one incident in which he mistook a five dollar bill for a ten and had to flee from the cashier who took him for some sort of crook. His ears burn still thinking about it.) Much to his own surprise, Marius has adjusted rather well to a new environment.

Of course, even after "settling in," much as a young man from 19th century Paris is able to settle in a city of an undisclosed location, he still has his own burdens to bear. Loneliness is the chiefest among them, settled deep within his bones like a lingering illness. He misses Cosette; he mourns for Les Amis and Eponine, their deaths still embedded in his thoughts. His apartment feels like an over sized dress shirt; too large and loose for his single, scrawny person.

So, again, he is out for a walk, enjoying the slightly warmer weather even if the sky is still overcast. Today, he has a purpose: he wants to acquire a pet. While he has yet to obtain a steady job, Marius has been able to find work tutoring university students and translating documents by request. He still has money left over from the envelope at the train station as well. The desire for a companion of some sort has been brewing within him for awhile now, and with his current resources, Marius believes himself capable of looking after another creature.

Growing up in his grandfather's wretched manor, Marius was never allowed near animals except those approved by his grandfather. M. Gillenormand never much cared for cats, and Marius thinks he remembers a cat when his mother still lived. So his heart is set on a cat at the moment. He walks up and down streets, glancing at windows and signs plastered to boards and street lights, looking for any kind of sign for a place that might have pets available for sale or adoption.


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