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The moon lives in the lining of your skin. [For Freddie]

Marius doesn't especially want to go out tonight. Not when he has his finals to prepare for, as well as his myriad of essays and projects to edit and finish. He also has a meeting later this week with his advisor he'd really like to start preparing for as well. Not to mention, he hasn't slept well this past week, what with his homework and the work load at Tintern Abbey. He's just about closed nearly every night this week, this night being the first that he has free.

But Ariel, a friend and fellow student, insists that he come out to drinks with her and Nichole, her girlfriend of nearly a year, well. He couldn't refuse, not when Ariel saved his ass on a research project a couple of months back.

His first thought when they enter the bar, a place called Styx, is that he is entirely overdressed for the occasion, considering the crowds on the dancefloor and otherwise. Men without shirts and women barely wearing anything at all. Lots of glitter and noise. A vibrant place, he sees, following Ariel and Nichole to the bar.

He feels like the third wheel a moment later, when his friends make their way to the dancefloor. They promise him they'll be right back, but, well. Marius knows better; he's seen that smile on Ariel's face many times before.

Well, he thinks, laying his chin across his folded arms on the table as he considers what he wants to drink, at least he can get drunk out of all of this.
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It's a night just like any other, not as busy as a Friday or a Saturday, or even a Thursday, not as noisy as a Wednesday without karaoke. Freddie's still making decent tips tonight, likely due to the lack of a shirt and the streaks of some kind of glittery paint smeared across his chest care of one of the regulars. It's clearly working for him so Freddie's not complained at all.

It's only when there's a break in a crowd around the bar, that Freddie notices a familiar face at the table just across. For a moment, he thinks it might be Peter. Given the outcome of their last meeting, he's not looking terribly forward to a repeat and he's grateful for a bloke at the other end of the bar demanding another finger of whiskey.

Later, after pouring a few more drinks and sneaking a few more glances, Freddie realizes it's not Peter, but Marius. It's the eyes, he thinks. Not the colour or the shape of them, but simply how Marius looks around the place, not so wide-eyed or earnest, but with the air of someone who's spent more than a few days surrounded by alcohol, in one way or another.

Freddie takes his break a few minutes later, grabbing a towel as he slips out from behind the bar and already grinning a bit when he steps up to the table. "You're not at all who I expected to see here tonight," he says as Marius is still looking out across the crowd. "Alone, are you?"
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He follows Marius's gaze out onto the dance floor, not entirely sure who in the crowd are the friends to which he's referring. It's not nearly so busy as it would be on the weekend, but there's still a sizable group out there, Marius could mean any number of them.

And, honestly, Freddie doesn't particularly care which of them are Marius's friends. It's Marius himself he's more interested in at the moment.

Still grinning, Freddie invites himself to join in, pulling out the chair opposite and dropping down onto it, his arms rested on the lip of the table. "I'm on break at the moment if you'd like the company. Get about half an hour or so. Not sure I've seen you here before -- first time?" He pauses then, laughing at himself. "That sounded a bit like a line, didn't it? It's just I've worked here for months, I think I'd have noticed if you popped in."
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Freddie's always found the place a bit kitschy, but oddly charming. It's not likely a place he'd frequent back in Manchester as it attracts a very particular clientele, one Freddie wouldn't classify himself under. But it's really not so bad. And it pays decently.

Still grinning, he answers with a shrug. "Well enough, I s'pose. Pays better than working at a coffee shop." Not to mention better than the canteen back home. The less said about that time, however, the better. His grin widens as he sits back a bit, eyes still on Marius. "The tips are certainly better. The hours, too."

And, if sometimes he goes home with a bit more than just tips, he figures he can chalk it up to having excellent client relations.

"Was it your friends idea to try this place?" he asks, still curious as to who Marius might have come with.
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For some reason, Freddie hadn't assumed Marius's friends to be women. Though Styx is welcoming of anyone and everyone, after nearly six months working there, Freddie can safely say that the clientele tends to be more than a bit skewed toward gay men. Most specifically, gay men over the age of thirty.

It can be fun though, he'll admit that. And maybe Ariel and her girlfriend are a bit older than Marius. Though doubts it.

"Can be a bit of fun in third wheeling," he points out then, studying Marius for a moment before pushing himself out of his seat and reaching to grab hold of Marius's wrist, dragging him up. "C'mon. They know you're into men, yeah? We can give 'em a show."
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"Don't really need to in a place like this," Freddie says, turning once he's on the dance floor and tugging Marius closer. There's more than enough space for the two of them and Freddie's well aware that there are more than a few pairs of eyes on them. Most of the people here tonight are regulars, most know Freddie by name, and a few know him a bit more intimately.

But it's not often Freddie drags anyone onto the dance floor while he's working. Or even when he's not working. Not here at Styx anyhow.

He slides a hand around Marius's waist, tugging him close as he moves his hips to the music. Truth is, Freddie's not the greatest dancer either. He doesn't have any particular moves and he doesn't dance on his own ever. But he knows how to let his body move to the beat, how to share that beat with another person. Head cocked, he grins at Marius as he smooths his hand higher, encouraging Marius to move with him. "C'mon," he says. "Just let your body do what it wants."
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Freddie replies only with a grin at first, his gaze locked on Marius's until it drifts a bit, sliding down to rest on those wide, plush lips. He glances up again when Marius's mouth twitches into a smile and presses forward, into the warmth of Marius's hands on his skin.

"'s good," he murmurs, ducking then into the curve of Marius's neck, his hands sliding down over the gentle rise of his arse as he draws him closer.

He nuzzles warm skin, takes a light taste, and grins. "Your mates watching yet?" he asks, glancing up to see across the crowd, finding two women in the thick of it though they don't look particularly interested in anything he and Marius are up to, enthralled with one another as they are.
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With a lift of his head, Marius finds the same pair of women Freddie's been focused on, confirming that the two are, in fact, the friends he'd arrived with. Marius's focus doesn't remain there for long however before shifting back to Freddie, hands sliding down Freddie's bare back as he presses in close. They're still moving with the music though the longer they do so, the more obvious it is that the dancing is somewhat of a front.

Or perhaps that's only Freddie.

"Shame," he says, turning his head to brush his lips to the high curve of Marius's cheek, breathing lightly against him. "They're about to miss a show."

He shifts then, turning in Marius's arms to press his back to Marius's front instead, hips arched as he pulls Marius's arm about his middle and glances back over his shoulder with a wide, inviting smile.
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"Mm-hmm," Freddie agrees, letting his eyes slip shut as Marius presses against him, a solid warmth at his back and faces pressed close. Marius's lips brush his cheek and he turns to steal one with his lips, humming into it as he keeps moving to the beat, hips arched back against the curve of Marius's pelvis.

Grinning, he nudges at the arm Marius has slung around his waist, encouraging it lower as he keeps his head turned, eyes locked on Marius's as he reaches back with his other arm, curling it around Marius's side. There are a number of eyes on them now, he knows. Even if it's not Marius's friends who are looking, there are plenty of others, the glitter on his skin catching the light, drawing attention.

Or maybe it's the way they're moving together.

"Your mates do know you're into men, yes?" he asks then, gaze once again dropping to the curve of Marius's lips. "If not, they'll get the picture soon enough."
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This can only go so far, Freddie knows. As much as he'd like to rock his hips back and encourage Marius to grind against him, there's only so far they can take this. Not because they're being watched by half the clientele, but simply because Freddie's only on break and, as tempting as it might be to drag Marius into the toilet and get him off with his hand or his mouth, he does have some bit of professionalism. Despite whatever anyone else might think.

He's got a few more minutes, however, and he's not above a nice bit of teasing, and so he nudges Marius's hand even lower, grinning when he catches the eye of a middle-aged bloke who's practically salivating at the sight of them.

"Think I might've gotten you a date," he murmurs before gasping softly as Marius's hand curls over the hard length of him through his trousers. He rolls his hips, pressing against the heat of Marius's palm a moment and letting his eyes flutter briefly closed. He's putting on a show, no doubt about it. But it's one he hopes Marius is enjoying as much as everyone else.
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There is every likelihood Freddie is going to return to the bar soon with a tragically hard dick, but in this moment, he really can't find it in himself to care very much. The press of Marius's hand is glorious, sending a warmth all up his spine, though it's made even better by the brush of Marius's lips against his jaw, the gust of hot breath before he steals another kiss.

Freddie sinks into it immediately, groaning as their tongues tangle and grinning when they pull apart, his eyes opening to meet Marius's dark green ones.

"Can't say I've gotten that compliment much," he admits, sliding his own hand over Marius's then to keep him in place, rolling his hips once more into the flat of Marius's palm. "Think you must be a bit distracted. Either that or you've not danced like this very often." Letting go then, he raises his arm to reach back behind him, sinking his fingers into the short strands of Marius's hair, his head still turned. "That true? This not really your scene?"
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"Ah, a wallflower," Freddie remarks, wholly unsurprised. Marius is a bookish sort, quiet and introverted as far as Freddie's ever seen. But he does blossom under a bit of care and attention, no doubt about that.

Grinning, he makes to pull away, but only barely, his fingers still curled in Marius's hair, putting only a bit of space between his back and Marius's chest. "Should I let you go back to observing then? Is that what you prefer?" He's teasing of course. Given the way Marius is holding him still and the press of him against Freddie's arse, he'd safely presume that Marius is enjoying himself at least a bit in this arrangement.

For however much longer it can last what with the bar beckoning.
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Marius tugs him closer and Freddie bites his lip to hold back a groan, grinning all the while as he rocks his hips backward once more, feeling the hard length of Marius through his trousers and enjoying it while he can. There's no clock nearby and he hardly wants to spare a hand to reach into his pocket for his mobile so he only shrugs in response.

"Five minutes, about," he says, tugging at Marius's hair to guide him back to Freddie's mouth so he can steal a kiss. "You gonna stay awhile or head out with our friends."

He's still got a couple more hours on the clock, but as far as he's concerned there's no reason he can't spend the rest of the evening at Marius's flat. His lips tug into a wider teasing grin as he adds, "'less you go on that date I got you, of course."
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It's a nice kiss, slow and indulgent, lingering before Marius pulls back with a soft laugh. Freddie lets his gaze drop to the plush of Marius's spit-slick lips before he licks his own and pulls further away. The loss of heat against his back is immediate and his cock throbs within his jeans, but there's nothing for it at the moment.

"Does it matter?" he asks instead, his tone still teasing as he carefully wraps a hand around Marius's wrist and leads him through the crowd and back toward the bar. He doesn't have to start back just yet, but he figures he can use some of his perks for good.

"Another drink for my friend here," he says to Malinda, his brief replacement. "Surprise him with your favourite."

He turns back to Marius then, pressing in close with one arm loosely wrapped around his middle. "Get some more alcohol in you and let yourself dance. Maybe I'll take you home if you've not been snatched up by the end of the evening."
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Whether from the drink or the dancing, Marius is quite loose like this, all warm, heavy limbs as he leans against Freddie, an arm draped about his shoulders. Malinda gives him a Look and he gives her one right back, knowing full well she'll be asking about this later.

She does, however, at least start making Marius a drink. Something bright and sugary by the looks of it.

"Do I need to get you drunk?" he asks, turning his attention onto Marius once more. "Never much been a fan of fucking someone who can't give consent. That something you're into?"
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He'd been joking, really, but it's amusing to see Marius object so quickly, his hair swinging a bit as he shakes his head. It's clear he's more tipsy than truly pissed and Freddie grins wider as he reaches out to tap the tip of his nose as Marius pushes a hand through his hair.

"Then I say drink until you want to stop," he says, a bit enigmatically. "And let yourself get hit on. You're fit, you know. Don't just sit here hiding while you're mates are off having a good time."

And there are a good number of men out on the dance floor who'd certainly been eyeing the both of them. There's no reason for Freddie to believe Marius couldn't have his pick if he wanted such a thing. The question may well be whether or not Marius does want his pick, or if he'd rather wait for Freddie.

That's not a question Freddie can bring himself to ask.
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"I can dance from behind the bar," he answers with a grin, amused and pleased both by Marius's lack of sobriety and the implication that he'd still rather dance with Freddie than anyone else in here. It's highly likely no one else here is particularly Marius's type, and it occurs to him that he hasn't a clue what Marius's type really is apart from clearly liking Freddie enough to fuck him multiple times, but he rather likes the idea that he might special.

He leans in then, curling his fingers around the crook of Marius's elbow and pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"Go dance for me and if you're still here at the end of the night, I'll take you home," he says. And he won't be terribly surprised if Marius ends up leaving with someone else, even if it's only his mates.

Letting go, he rounds the bar area, tossing a wink. "I'll make you another drink."
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There's something almost tender in Marius's touch, just a light brush of his fingers along Freddie's cheek. It's not something to focus on, he decides; Marius is drunk and now aroused thanks to Freddie himself, he'd likely do as much to anyone currently in his orbit.

And Freddie's not sure how to feel about any of that.

It's a bit reminiscent of that afternoon with Noah when he'd brought the cat as well as all those times with Jake. There's a crawling under his skin, pinpricks of danger that he's pushing something too far, getting too close to a sheer drop. Getting too close to something that's going to hurt.

So his smile feels a bit strained before he nods and ducks away, grabbing a glass from below the counter and turning his full attention on a regular patron.

Maybe Marius will still be here at the end of the night and maybe not. Freddie's refusing to care either way.