pontmercyfriend: (Salutation of the angels)
Marius ([personal profile] pontmercyfriend) wrote2017-04-19 05:35 pm
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Fair quiet, have I found thee here. [For Hild]

Marius has a rare afternoon free. He's spent the morning in classes, and he doesn't have a shift at Tintern today. He spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon studying, so he thinks he's deserving a bit of fresh air and a break. So now he finds himself on one of his walks, meandering throughout Darrow with no true purpose in mind besides letting himself enjoy being out of doors.

He almost passes a store called Menewood, lost as he is in thoughts and daydreams. But a flash of something in the window display catches his eye, and he pauses. It looks to be a place of herbal medicine and healing, which peaks his interest. So he pushes open the door and makes his way inside.

The interior seems very comfortable, with a sofa and tables amid the shelves. He starts to browse, wondering if he might find something to help with his studies or help him relax, when he spots a familiar face he hasn't seen in quite some time.

"Hild?" He says, making his way over to her, hoping he's not interrupting.

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