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Fair quiet, have I found thee here. [For Hild]

Marius has a rare afternoon free. He's spent the morning in classes, and he doesn't have a shift at Tintern today. He spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon studying, so he thinks he's deserving a bit of fresh air and a break. So now he finds himself on one of his walks, meandering throughout Darrow with no true purpose in mind besides letting himself enjoy being out of doors.

He almost passes a store called Menewood, lost as he is in thoughts and daydreams. But a flash of something in the window display catches his eye, and he pauses. It looks to be a place of herbal medicine and healing, which peaks his interest. So he pushes open the door and makes his way inside.

The interior seems very comfortable, with a sofa and tables amid the shelves. He starts to browse, wondering if he might find something to help with his studies or help him relax, when he spots a familiar face he hasn't seen in quite some time.

"Hild?" He says, making his way over to her, hoping he's not interrupting.
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With two helpers, Hild delegated much of the work of customer service and restocking shelves to persons other than herself. She did the gardening, the gathering, the mixing of herbs and making of tinctures, but these were all tasks for the early morning hours, before most were awake. The day could be spent mostly as she wished, with only occasional assistance when things became busy or a patron had a difficult question.

So she sat in the corner of her store, her little cafe-like nook, where a few small tables sat waiting for guests who might like a cup of herbal tea or simply to enjoy the view of the greenhouse, the glass wall of which made up the back end of the store. At the sound of her name, Hild lifted her head from her book. And smiled.

"Marius," she said warmly, setting the book aside. "How good to see you."
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"Of course," Hild said, smiling and nodding toward the chair Marius had indicated. "I'm only doing research," she explained of the book. "I could use the break for some conversation."

She sighed, rather happily, at the question and shrugged. "Just fine, besides the regular madness of the city's magic. And the magic of Magnus Bane. I have this shop now and feel quite content." Hild tilted her head at him in curiosity. "And you? Oh, can I get you something to drink? Tea or water?"
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As he sat, she stood to go fetch him a cup of tea. Thankfully, the store was small enough, and the cafe nook was close enough to the counter, that her movement did not impede their conversation in the least. A kettle of simple black tea, spiced with a little ginger and lemon, sat ready, prepared by Hild for herself. She poured him a cup and returned to the table.

"I fell victim to the wine, yes, at Magnus Bane's party." Her lips twisted into a dissatisfied line. "I should have known better, in truth, but I did not appreciate it, all the same. I don't plan on attending any more of his parties in the future." She might be convinced otherwise, one day, but for now she held to her statement.

"I'm researching herbs and the like, for the shop," she explained. "There are many roots and flowers and wild herbs here, in the country side, and I am familiar with some of them from home. But there's many more that I still need to learn about. I like expanding my options and offering more to clients."
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"Sometimes it's hard to resist." As she had said, Hild should have known better, but the fountain had looked so alluring, she was not rightly sure that Bane hadn't put some kind of spell on it to make it more alluring. Likely he hadn't, but the effect had been the same. She also did not put it past him to enchant the drinks at the bar, though perhaps that would be more difficult.

"I've gotten through the basics, enough to start to grow in my greenhouse a supply of things I can rely on. Aloe vera, turmeric, clove, ginger and such. Unfortunately I can't grow trees, otherwise I would have twice as much on my hands."

She took up her own cup of tea and looked at him with interest. "You said you were going back to school for your law degree? How's that suiting you?"
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Hild had not even thought of a community garden, her sense of stubborn independence and possessive streak making it impossible for the consideration to enter her mind without assistance. But now that he had mentioned it, the idea seemed plausible and more than sensible. She could even claim a bit of the countryside, she supposed, the bits no one used, and hope that no one would think to take it from her.

"Some, I think, could withstand the weather," she said thoughtfully. "Provided the city does not give us some freak snowstorms in August. That's a good idea. I'll think about it more."

She paused to sip her tea. "And what do you hope to do with your law degree?" she asked. "Which part interests you. It seems a broad subject."
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She chuckled softly, nodding, sure that he was right. The city's magic crept into everything, wove its way into their very beings at times. To think that it was eavesdropping on them just now, taking ideas from their own worries and ideas, was no stretch of the imagination.

"Thank you for the offer," she said, then winked. "You can be sure I will remember."

Hild leaned forward, resting her elbow on her knee. "Do you have some experience that leads you there?" she wondered. "Law is very broad. I would have never thought to look to children specifically."
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This was a thing that Hild could support and understand, though her experience was less than Marius'. Cities seemed to breed this sort of poverty, loneliness and desperation. A child could lose their parents, in Hild's time, but they would often be taken in by another family, or starve and die. The suffering was less visible. It was the duty of people like Hild to see that they were cared for even in their state, if they asked for succor.

"A noble cause," she said. "And one you're sure to serve well, given your experience." Hild tilted her head to the side, considering, then chose the less personal but more impertinent question. Rather than ask about the lack of love in Marius' house, she said, "How was it that your grandfather put children on the street? I'm not sure I understand."
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That had, somehow, not been the answer that Hild had anticipated. Her eyes widened slightly, and her mouth quirked up in the corner, a hint of a wry smile, but she did not let much in the way of surprise, or judgment, show. Things were different in Darrow, with the citizens' modern sensibilities, but for what Hild knew of the world, this was the way of men. It simply was.

"The powerful have their ways," Hild said with a simple shrug. "My uncle never got into trouble for bastards, though I'm sure he had many. They were never heard of or mentioned. But, then, he would have seen that they were cared for by someone, if only just in case. Being able to father children is a necessity, in my day."