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Marius ([personal profile] pontmercyfriend) wrote2017-04-09 01:57 pm
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What spring does with the cherry trees.

Marius can't quite believe he's taking one of the most embarrassing experiences of his life as inspiration for a date, of sorts, but here he is. Jake had texted him a date and time, and so Marius made preparations. He'd headed out a couple of hours before the end of Jake's shift, stopping first to pick up the promised wine from his work. He'd also stopped for a box of chocolates and any other supplies they might need because it seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, who could argue against chocolate and wine?

He'd found Jake's apartment unlocked, as promised. He'd put the chocolates and wine on the table, grabbing two glasses out of the cabinet in the process, placing them next the wine. He'd taken a few moments to study Jake's apartment, noting how Jake hadn't been kidding when he mentioned not having much in his flat. Still, in spite of that, Marius got a sense for Jake in the place.

He'd lounged a bit, reading a book he brought with him. An hour before he figured Jake to be due home, Marius made his way into the shower, figuring the wetter he was, the better the effect on Jake. He took his time, luxuriated beneath the hot water. He'd let the soap sink into his skin and lathered the shampoo into his hair. By the time he'd stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap around himself, his hair looked a bit like a bird's nest.

So now he waits for Jake to come home, having already poured two glasses of the wine he brought. He reads on the floor of the living room, dressed in nothing but the towel, as promised. He lets out a contented sigh, smiling to himself. He anticipates the look on Jake's face, his smile brightening. The edge of the towel slides low on his hips.

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