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What spring does with the cherry trees.

Marius can't quite believe he's taking one of the most embarrassing experiences of his life as inspiration for a date, of sorts, but here he is. Jake had texted him a date and time, and so Marius made preparations. He'd headed out a couple of hours before the end of Jake's shift, stopping first to pick up the promised wine from his work. He'd also stopped for a box of chocolates and any other supplies they might need because it seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, who could argue against chocolate and wine?

He'd found Jake's apartment unlocked, as promised. He'd put the chocolates and wine on the table, grabbing two glasses out of the cabinet in the process, placing them next the wine. He'd taken a few moments to study Jake's apartment, noting how Jake hadn't been kidding when he mentioned not having much in his flat. Still, in spite of that, Marius got a sense for Jake in the place.

He'd lounged a bit, reading a book he brought with him. An hour before he figured Jake to be due home, Marius made his way into the shower, figuring the wetter he was, the better the effect on Jake. He took his time, luxuriated beneath the hot water. He'd let the soap sink into his skin and lathered the shampoo into his hair. By the time he'd stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap around himself, his hair looked a bit like a bird's nest.

So now he waits for Jake to come home, having already poured two glasses of the wine he brought. He reads on the floor of the living room, dressed in nothing but the towel, as promised. He lets out a contented sigh, smiling to himself. He anticipates the look on Jake's face, his smile brightening. The edge of the towel slides low on his hips.
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Jake's incredibly glad that today wasn't too difficult a day at work. He would have been pissed if he'd gone home with blood or puke or some other bodily fluid all over himself. Sure, he could have showered and changed to get rid of the physical evidence but usually, after hard days, he just wanted to lay on the couch and sleep.

Tonight, he had plans so he didn't want to end up feeling like shit. Thankfully, the day was mostly quiet and the calls were easily tied up and taken care of before he'd gotten off.

Now, he's at the door of his flat, keys in the lock. The door's unlocked, he knew, but he still wanted to give Marius a bit of a warning that he was there in case it was needed. He took a breath, letting himself imagine what's beyond the door before pushing the door open and stepping in.

His hands went to his utility belt, taking it off and laying it near the door.

"Anyone here?" he asked though he could already smell the faint scent of soap in the air. Someone was definitely here.
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Stepping further into his flat, Jake stopped when Marius finally came into view. The sight of him standing there only in a towel, hair wet and wine glass in hand had Jake's mouth going dry.

It took him a second to get his limbs working but he finally did, reaching out to take the wine glass. He didn't even try and hide the shameless way he checked Marius out, licking his lips and taking a sip of the wine to try and get his vocal cords working again.

"It wasn't too bad," Jake said once he found his voice. "Slow. Clean. No one throwing poultry at me."
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Marius' words have him looking down at the wine, eyeing it suspiciously. He didn't think Marius would lie though so he took another, longer sip, savoring the taste of alcohol and flavor on his tongue and down his throat. It'd take more than just a glass to make him drunk but the combination of wine plus the way Marius looked might get him there quicker than usual.

"I think you have already made it better," Jake told him with a decisive nod. "This is -- yeah, this is good. I'm really glad we talked about this and that we're doing it."

Jake had to get a damn hold of himself or he was going to babble himself silly. He was smoother than this, cooler than this but sometimes things just got to him and turned him on like nothing else.

"Did you have a good shower?" he asked, calming down a bit. "Nice and warm and wet?"
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"It's fine, it's fine," Jake told him hurriedly, laughing. "It's a good thing to know especially in this city. I'm pretty sure some shop in this city sells enchanted wine so it's good to know. I appreciate you drinking it all down to prove it, though."

Jake took a few larger sips of his own wine before shifting to set it down so he could pay a little more attention to Marius. He glanced down at the hand playing with the collar of his shirt and sighed contentedly.

"Maybe later?" Jake asked hopefully, eyes bright. "I do tend to take a shower before I go to sleep and I figure that there will be....a need for it later. I'd hate not to take advantage of how good you smell and how soft your skin is after all. I think I'd never forgive myself if I didn't take advantage of this amazing situation."
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"Music to my ears," Jake said though he hadn't had any real doubt about there not being a need for a shower. Considering they'd discussed this a few weeks back, Jake was pretty sure that they weren't going to sit down and watch television and cuddle. It might be nice after some other, more strenuous activities occurred but it wasn't going to be the only thing they did.

Jake reached out and rested his hands lightly on Marius' hips which proved to be the absolute perfect spot for them when Marius leaned in and kissed him. Jake clutched his sides a little tighter, trying to keep him close while returning the kiss slowly but eagerly.

His fingers wanted to just take that towel down and off but he forced himself to wait. All in due time, he thought. He just had to let things play out so he wouldn't rush into what could be an all night encounter.
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Jake is not new to kissing. He's not inexperienced or virginal but he would swear up and down that every time he kissed someone, it felt like a first time. The initial press of lips against lips was always electric, always made his heart race. Sometimes the kiss wouldn't turn out very good in the end but Jake hadn't had many of those.

And he definitely wasn't having one of those now. He still had to hold himself back so he wouldn't jump the gun, get right to something that he knew would come later. Instead, he let himself sink into the kiss, memorizing the feel of Marius' lips and how his skin felt under Jake's fingertips.

When Marius pulled away, Jake licked at his lips, eyes fluttering open and mouth curving into a pleased smile. "Thanks. I'd wear it more often but it can get a bit hot sometimes. Lots of gear to carry around too."
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"I definitely should," Jake agreed though it was hard to make himself want to move. Marius was still close to him, still touching him and Jake considered enduring the uniform for a little longer just so he wouldn't have to break this spell.

But, another, better thought occurred to him. If he changed, he could change into something lighter, something that showed skin and when touching happened then, it'd be even better. So yeah, Jake was going to move. He was going to get his feet moving any second.

First, he was going to reach up and card his fingers through Marius' damp hair, sighing as he did. It was still chilly from the water, ends wetter than the rest and he ruffled it slightly before stepping back.

"Okay, let me go change really quick," he said, nodding and moving towards his bedroom. "Don't go anywhere, yeah?"
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Jake didn't intend to be gone too long. He disappeared into his bedroom, tossing clothes aside as soon as he could. Pants, shirt, tee shirt, socks, anything that was a part of his uniform got tossed into a pile that would have to be washed.

Jake grabbed a soft blue tee shirt and a pair of cotton pants that were loose and clean. Any other day, he would have been wearing this around his apartment when he knew he'd be alone, drinking a beer and watching some television.

Now, he was going to wear it because it was comfortable and, if his wishes came true, easy to take off. He came back out into the living quickly, immediately making his way over to Marius and all that soft, soft skin.

"If I smell, pretend that I don't," Jake told him, leaning in to take a sniff of Marius' shoulder and that soap smell he could faintly smell when he'd come in.
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"Might call you a bit strange if you like the smell," Jake said with a quiet laugh. His own hands came to rest back on Marius' hips, fingers stroking the bare skin there, just brushing the tops of the towel. He wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to hold out on not just taking the towel down but his restraint was holding strong for the moment.

"But, it's also not the worst I've smelled after a shift either," he hummed, closing his eyes and tilting his head to one side to give Marius a little more room to nuzzle and smell and do whatever the bloody hell he wanted. Jake liked it all. He wanted it all.

"You look really good in almost nothing at all," Jake complimented, sighing. "Really, really good."
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"I would think anyone should make you feel good in nothing at all," Jake mused, keeping his lips pressed against Marius', loathe to move as he was. He let his fingers inch underneath the towel and push down slightly, slowly giving into the need to see more and more skin.

He licked at Marius' bottom lip, pulling back and smirking after he'd done that. He didn't stay away long, already diving back in for another kiss before his smile had even left his lips. He just felt too good and tasted too good to stay away for long.

"I feel overdressed," Jake murmured, nipping at Marius' bottom lip and laughing. "You can do something about that if you'd like or I can just get you naked and admire you."
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"I like the idea of getting naked," Jake breathed, nodding vigorously. "I don't know if I want to just admire you, though. That would just be like dangling a treat out of my reach. You get naked and I'm probably going to jump on you."

Jake wanted that. He hoped Marius wanted that. Feeling Marius' hands at his tee shirt, Jake reached down to just drag the shirt off of him, feeling ridiculous for even putting it on.

"Touch me," he murmured, leaning forward to catch another kiss from Marius. "Touch me, please. Touch me before I jump on you, mate. Because then I'll be touching you and I'm not going to be able to stop anytime soon."
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"I don't know if I'd be allowed to not wear a shirt at work but any other time, I will keep this in mind. It's not like I'll really need a shirt. Weather's getting warm and if I do get cold, I'll just find someone to help me warm up."

As he said this, he finally reached for the towel and gave it a tug. "I hope you're not wearing anything underneath this. I've been imagining what's underneath all night and now I've just gotta see."

He leaned in and kissed Marius as he gave the towel another tug, finally getting it loose and dropping it at their feet. He was strong, didn't look immediately because the kiss was too bloody good to just pull away from to gawk at the nakedness he knew was there.
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"Oh, I can feel it," Jake said, stepping closer just to make sure he felt it all. It wasn't exactly what he wanted because he was still wearing pants but it was close enough. He'd lose his own pants soon enough and there was still enough self control left him in to want to tease and torture himself a little more.

He smiled at Marius from the close proximity and let his hands slip lower, curving over the bare skin of his hips that had just been hidden by the towel. He hummed lowly, hands still wandering over his lower back and just above the curve of his ass.

"Everything feels just bloody fine, in case you were concerned," Jake joked, smiling lazily. "I'm going to continue touching just to make sure but yeah, this is -- this is really good. Really fucking hot."

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