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The ruckus is me as my thoughts run aground.

It's been some time since Marius has last seen Grantaire, now that his friend no longer works with him at Tintern. That, and the fact that nearly all of Marius' time is now split between work and his classes at school, renders the act of getting together to catch up somewhat of a juggling act.

However, an afternoon happens in which Marius has actual free time to spend as he pleases, and so he texts his friend to see if he might want to meet over coffee. He knows Grantaire is working hard at staying sober, so he thinks a cozy little cafe, not a bar or pub, will be a good place to meet. He finds just the place near the park, with outdoor seating when the weather warms up.

He takes a seat at a table in the corner, trying to ignore the fact that he hasn't been sleeping lately. His shoulders slump a bit; he rests the side of his head in his hand, trying to keep an eye out for his friend while also blinking furiously to keep himself awake. It seems to be a losing battle.

But this is the first free afternoon Marius has had in some time, and he means to enjoy it, exhaustion be damned.
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Grantaire brightens right up at the text; he hasn't seen Marius in some time, and it'll be good to catch up. The last time they spoke, Marius had been a bit harried behind the bar, though good conversation, and as he goes to the cafe, Grantaire means to ask him all about the co-workers he's left behind for quite some time now. Perhaps there are new ones, even. He knows it's a good decision not to be back there, but he misses the rhythm of it.

When he enters the cafe, however, Grantaire sees immediately that work is not going to be the most pressing discussion: Pontmercy's eyelids are drooping so heavily that he manages to softly come in and get to the counter without him seeing.

The poor young man blinks awake in just a few moments, back to looking around. With equal parts concern and mischief, Grantaire endeavors to finish ordering without rousing his attention.

Two lattes in hand a few minutes later, he slides in with a small smile. "You look like you could use this, friend." Or, perhaps, some real sleep and food, he thinks, but he won't be the one to scold Marius on not taking care of him. "Is this a bad time?"
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"No apologies needed," Grantaire says amiably, passing the latte across the table. "I'll take this as proof you're buried under law papers and not just impossible to find."

"I've been well," he says, and perhaps it's just the seasons turning lighter, but he feels it, too. "I may have a job starting soon. I realized the other day I'll have been here for almost two years; Christ, can you imagine? And I thought I'd made such a life on the island." It seems almost silly, in retrospect, how torn apart he'd felt by everything that had happened. And not silly at all; those strange, confusing six months might never leave him, or the people he misses.

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Grantaire inclines his head, smiling, though the smile has an edge of concern. "Don't let yourself be drowned in the law; the idea is to wield it, you know."

"Do you know Simon Snow?" Grantaire certainly doesn't run in all the same circles as Marius, and he's no longer bartending. The young man had been new to him. "We got to talking the other day and it turns out that he and his boyfriend own that new immense orphanage that's been opened up. I can't imagine taking in a handful of children at that age; they're younger than we are. Anyway -- I think I may have talked myself into giving art classes." He smiles sheepishly. "Me, the terrible student."
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"I couldn't do it," Grantaire says with feeling, "I salute you." He watches Marius quietly from where he sips his own latte: managing seems like an optimistic term for the tired young man, but he's not sure Marius would tell him if he wasn't. It's an uncertain feeling, but he can only do what he's allowed. "I hope you're not just managing. All work and no play, etc etc."

"Don't remind me," Grantaire laughs. "I'm not brave a bit, I'm just too embarrassed to back down," he adds wryly. "I agreed at once, thinking it'd be a good adventure, and needing the money, and then I got to thinking. I do rather like children," he adds, "it's just - what if I'm terrible at it, or someone gets hurt?" Admittedly, it's not like teaching children how to fight, or physical education: there's only so much they can injure themselves doing. "Or --"

He stops, and smiles with a sigh when Marius says he'll be a wonderful teacher, dubious but grateful. "I'd like that," he says, "if you want to."

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"Unless we reform society altogether, I think so," Grantaire muses good-humoredly, sipping his coffee. "What do you mean to do once you finish all the --" he waves. "Tests and such? Specialize in, I mean?" He can't imagine Marius defending bureaucrats; that might be a good way to stay comfortable, but Marius has never cared much for money.

Gavroche's name does bring an ache to Grantaire's chest, though a little more nostalgic and a little less harsh than it might have been some months ago. "I like to think I did," he says, and rubs the back of his neck. "I could have done better..." Gavroche living with him was certainly one of the reasons he had taken the idea of sobriety seriously at all, and though he is no longer here and it's more that he wants to be a good, self-sufficient man for Edgar, it still keeps him going. "But we muddled through, together." He forces a wistful smile.

"And then there's Sybbie," R changes the subject. "And Aramis and Athos have their little Lucie, now, and I've gotten on with the babies, and with the girls back on the island. So perhaps I do have a personality that suits, though I don't know how I managed to play myself as someone worth the responsibility."
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Grantaire's smile widens, and he nods, letting himself become more serious. "That seems eminently suited to you, friend." What a strange world, in which both of them and their scraping-by, unplanned lifestyles have led them to wanting to work with children. Almost like proper adults. But Marius' background, and his friendship with Eponine and Gavroche, seem perfect for the role. "I think you'd be very good at it. That sort of thing needs a passionate voice."

He takes a sip of his coffee and looks into it, smiling back a little sadly, and nods. "I hope so." It's as close as he can come to gracefully accepting a compliment about Gavroche. "I think it's all we can do, sometimes."

Two compliments in a row is almost too much; even Edgar can't get away with that most of the time, except in the midst of distraction. He hides a blush behind a snort and diverts back to Lucie. "Oh, you must. If only to see two soldiers go utterly infatuated over a baby. She has them well wrapped around her tiny little fingers."

"You say you're getting out, though." He's still suspicious that Marius has let himself get mired. "What have I missed with you then? It's been an age. You must have a story or two, a new friend or so in your life I haven't met."
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"You're going to turn into a book," Grantaire says with a fond shake of his head, but he brightens when he hears about the new people. "Names! That's a good sign. Tell me about Maya. And Jake! I know we're all good upstanding citizens, now, Courfeyrac the politician and you the attorney, and me apparently teaching children to mix colors on paper, but you do have to tell me how you met an officer of the law you think is very nice."

The first police officer that comes to mind, after all, is still Inspector Javert, and he hasn't quite forgiven that gentleman for his conspiracy, as if they had needed any help getting killed.
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Grantaire smiles fondly, to let Marius know he's only teasing. "Well, we'll have to make sure Combeferre collects you so we can still visit from time to time, and you won't get your pages all dog-eared."

It's an analogy that has run away with him, and it seems a little too apt by the time he finishes, with how tired and stressed Marius looks. He makes up his mind to make sure to drop by and check out this one of his favorite books, more often.

"Ah," he says, nodding. "Tintern is a treasure trove of interesting personalities." It's a little wistful. "I do miss it, sometimes."

He grins at that. "Magnus' parties are a whole different story," he laughs, then frowns. "Merde, I really have not caught up on your life if you met this man over half a year ago and I'm now just hearing about him. What else have I missed?"
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Grantaire arches an eyebrow at that, taking a sip of his own coffee and watching Marius' cheeks go pink. "I don't suppose you mean helping recruit for a revolution," he says amiably, "so you must mean making every other stranger an intimate, and breaking hearts on the way."

It's a distinct reminder, as are Marius' drinking habits, that Grantaire would know about these things if he hadn't chosen this strict sobriety. Most days, he is fairly convinced that the improvements are worth the struggle, but not all the time. When it comes to having lost out on friendships and the view into certain circles, it's hard to swallow, even knowing that a drink or two would sure turn into four.

He raises an eyebrow. "If you're having a good time of it, there's nothing wrong with that, Pontmercy." Considering his version of a longterm relationship involves a boyfriend with another boyfriend who does much the same, Grantaire's hardly one to talk. But it does seem unlike their lover of Romance.
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Grantaire laughs, but his smile fades a bit as Marius sighs as though his body weight is too much to keep his lungs inflated.

He winces, knowing that too well. If it weren't for Edgar, and to tell the truth Neil (both his sidelong, reluctant sort of affection, and the fact that he'd probably murder Grantaire if he were to hurt Edgar in any way), he'd be more a mess than he can express. He'd like to think that without them, he'd try to hold himself together for Marius, and Courfeyrac, and Combeferre: but the three of them know him too well as the drunk, and drink too readily, to give him any excuse to do so. It's been a year, almost, since Sybil and Gavroche disappeared, and he still feels upended. Before that Jehan, and Ophelia and Flavia.

And Rat, of course. He wonders if it's that Marius is simply letting off some steam, or if he isn't willing to move himself on. Grantaire isn't one to talk about that, either.

"I understand that, friend," he says, moving his chair closer to put an arm about his shoulders. "It isn't kind, this place. A bit Sisyphean, slipping down a hill whenever you think you've reached the top." He chews on his lip. "I know it can feel burdensome," he says finally. "And I know I'm not the most observant. But all you need do is call, when you're feeling lonesome."

Perhaps Grantaire isn't the company Marius really needs, but he feels a bit as though he, too, has left Marius behind in a way, struggling to live up to his own relationship.