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Marius ([personal profile] pontmercyfriend) wrote2017-03-21 06:11 am
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Stiller than a stone. [For Raven]

Marius quite enjoys exploring Darrow still, even as much as the place makes him feel trapped a fair amount of days. Still, there are always a myriad of unique, little shops to discover, to weave in and out of on one of his rare days off. Which is what he finds himself doing today, currently. He's been to a couple of used bookstores and a shop specializing in handcrafted objects. He carries bags with him from all stores, books to satisfy his reading, and some decorations to help liven up his apartment.

He decides to stop for a snack and a drink at a quirky little cafe in a corner building that reminds him a bit of the Musain, he realizes, with a bit of a pang. Still, he smiles, and makes his way through the doors.

He orders a bear claw and a chai latte drink, brings them over to a table by the window, where he can watch people stroll across the sidewalks and eat in peace. He's about to lose himself in his thoughts when a flash of blond catches his eye from the table next to his, and he realizes he knows the woman.

"Hello again, Raven," he says, waving in greeting. "Fancy meeting you here."

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