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Sadness will be far away. [For Ross]

When Ross offers to show Marius the area of land on which he plans to build a house for his family, Marius is only too happy to accept. He really enjoys the other man's company as a friend; they have a lot in common, both being out of time and having witnessed brutal realities. Marius appreciates that Ross understands the way he thinks, and he's thoroughly enjoyed the conversations they've had in the past.

He's a little intimidated when Ross mentions riding out on horseback, the memory of his adventure with Courfeyrac still fresh in Marius' mind. But he accepts, because, for all that he did fall right on his ass, Marius really does appreciate the quiet sturdiness of such creatures. And it is such the time of year that fresh air while in excellent company will do him a world of good.

He manages to obtain a quiet, gentle horse, closer to the size of a pony, for himself. He pets her constantly as he rides, his hands shaking a bit as they hold the reins though he tries not to let it show.

"So you're building the house yourself, then?" Marius turns to ask Ross. "That is quite ambitious. I wish you all the luck with it."
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Marius is uncomfortable on his horse, Ross can see that from the start. Neither of them make mention of it, Ross trusts that his friend would make mention of it if he'd rather not ride, so here they are. For the most part, Blackie tends to get restless when guided to merely trot but even the horse seems to sense that it's necessary for this particular journey, for which Ross is grateful. Though Marius may not choose to voice his apprehension, that doesn't mean Ross is willing to ignore it entirely.

"Not entirely by myself," Ross admits, a small smile turning up at the corners of his mouth. "I've managed to gather a group of people who are willing to help once construction is ready to start. They've all been sworn to secrecy, none of them are to breathe a word of this to Demelza, though I don't doubt she'll suspect something is amiss rather quickly. That's the part I'll need the most luck with, I think."
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They've kept things from each other before, though that had never worked out particularly well for either of them. Truly, it'd be much easier and possibly even wiser to tell Demelza what he's been doing for them now, if only to save himself the grief of her suspicion. Ross has never been one to act on something purely because it's simple or wise, though, that's never quite been the Poldark way; as such, he'll continue on exactly as planned and hope she won't be too cross at him for keeping it from her.

She'd only want to help if she knew, and it's not as if Demelza wouldn't be of great assistance to the entire venture; it's just that Ross would like to do this for her. Gift her with something she hasn't had to work for.

He lets out a short laugh at the question of how long it may take, shaking his head. "Oh, I imagine it won't be done until well into the summertime. It's a rather large undertaking, I do admit, but it'll be worth all the labor to see Demelza's face when I show her the house. I can't deny that I'm rather looking forward to moving out of that apartment."
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One of the things Ross appreciates about spending time with Marius is that the man often manages to maintain a cheerful disposition. He's certain that can't always be the case, but it's rather uplifting in the same way Henshawe had been. Henshawe had always believed in Ross and their endeavors, had always been there to lend a helping hand where he could, and Ross can only try not to miss him too much. It doesn't do him any good, hoping his friends might one day appear in Darrow.

Instead, he's been fortunate enough to make new ones. If they remind him what he's lost, he'll allow himself to be comforted by it.

"I suppose you're right," Ross agrees, faintly smiling over at Marius as they ride. "On all counts. If ever you feel up to coming by to help yourself, I'd be glad to have you. I'm sure everyone I'm already putting to work would be, too. Either that, or I may have to ask you to keep Demelza sufficiently distracted, though I'm not sure you'd get very far with that."
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"I doubt she'd ever tire of such stories," Ross says with a laugh, "and she'll have plenty of her own to trade."

Most evenings, if he finishes work first, he'll go to Tintern to wait for Demelza's shift to end so they can walk home together. Most of the time, she tells him about the kind and more generous customers she's had but every once in awhile, she'll look irate on her way out to meet him and Ross will know he won't get a word in on the way back to High Gate.

Glancing out at the open country surrounding them, Ross nods his agreement, breathing in the fresh air before letting out a soft exhale. "It is nice out, for the wintertime," he says, then glances at Marius with a sheepish expression. "I do hope that will be the case. I'm doing it more for Demelza and the children's sake, but I must admit that I look forward to getting out of that apartment. It's confining, isn't it? Comfortable enough, I suppose, but it doesn't afford the same sense of freedom our old estate did."
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"She does, indeed," Ross agrees, his voice softening and his expression growing fond. His wife has a spirit that cannot be matched, at least not by anyone Ross has ever come across, and he hopes that never changes. She can be utterly infuriating with how headstrong she is but then, that's always been one of the things Ross loves about her most. She challenges him in a way nobody else can manage, she inspires passion in him, she is the reason he'd done all he could to become a better man.

He's made mistakes in his life, quite a number of them, but Demelza has seen past all that. Of all the people he's ever known, she knows him best and had learned him the quickest. It's no wonder she has such a strong hold on his heart.

Ross glances over at Marius, curious about his friend's meaning, but he doesn't pry. If Marius wants to discuss it further, he will, it's not Ross's place to push him. "You'll be welcome anytime," he says instead, his tone genuine and sincere. If new memories are what Marius needs, Ross is happy to let him find them when the house is complete.