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Marius ([personal profile] pontmercyfriend) wrote2016-12-20 09:33 pm
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A hard day's night. [For Bitty]

Marius leaves work hungry and tired, worn down by the sudden surge of crowds at the end of his shift. As much as he enjoys Tintern's food and as much as he enjoys the discount he gets for the food, he decides not to stay and eat before leaving. He loves Tintern; he loves the people and the company, the food and the drink. But at the end of today, he just needs to find a change of scenery, and a change of a meal.

So he winds up at Semele's, another bar. He's heard good things, and he doesn't require any sort of fancy place to obtain something to eat. He shifts his book bag on his shoulder, filled with paperwork and books for his upcoming classes next year at Darrow School of Law. He figures it can't hurt to prepare himself while he has the chance; before he jumps back into shark invested waters to continue his law studies.

He sits at the bar, studying both the drink menu and the dessert menu. His stomach growls as the scent of freshly baking pie wafts through to where he's seated. He unloads his book bag in the unoccupied stool to his left as he tries hard not to actually drool.

"Right, so, I think I will definitely have to try the pie," Marius says, more to himself than anything else, glancing about for the nearest bartender or waiter.

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