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A hard day's night. [For Bitty]

Marius leaves work hungry and tired, worn down by the sudden surge of crowds at the end of his shift. As much as he enjoys Tintern's food and as much as he enjoys the discount he gets for the food, he decides not to stay and eat before leaving. He loves Tintern; he loves the people and the company, the food and the drink. But at the end of today, he just needs to find a change of scenery, and a change of a meal.

So he winds up at Semele's, another bar. He's heard good things, and he doesn't require any sort of fancy place to obtain something to eat. He shifts his book bag on his shoulder, filled with paperwork and books for his upcoming classes next year at Darrow School of Law. He figures it can't hurt to prepare himself while he has the chance; before he jumps back into shark invested waters to continue his law studies.

He sits at the bar, studying both the drink menu and the dessert menu. His stomach growls as the scent of freshly baking pie wafts through to where he's seated. He unloads his book bag in the unoccupied stool to his left as he tries hard not to actually drool.

"Right, so, I think I will definitely have to try the pie," Marius says, more to himself than anything else, glancing about for the nearest bartender or waiter.
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Technically, I probably don't need to be working today. I'm not scheduled and I could be back at the apartment or over at Jack's to decorate for Christmas. But, the truth is, I still have about a dozen pies on order I need to finish before Christmas Eve and, as great as my Tony Stark-approved oven is, there's just more room in the kitchen here. And I don't have to scold Elvis to keep his little paws off the counter the whole time.

And the company's nice.

For the moment, I'm taking a break though, checking my phone as I lean up against the bar when I happen to overhear one of the patrons.

I recognize him almost immediately though I can't quite put a finger on where. His accent is a little confusing though, somehow not fitting with the image in my mind, but he seems nice and, as I'm essentially still on the clock, I slide my phone back into my pocket as I approach him.

"Well, we've got a couple different kinds on the menu for today," I tell him, leaning against the bar. "Apple, of course. It's seasonal. Chocolate eggnog swirl. And peppermint brownie. So, what'll it be?"
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His accent is just delightful and I find myself grinning wider. I'm gonna start taking French next semester and, while I'm sure Jack will be able to help me a ton, I know Canadian French is a little different from French French. Of course, I can't ask someone I've only just met for help studying, but I tuck the idea into the back of my mind all the same.

"One slice of chocolate eggnog swirl coming right up!" I tell him happily before waving across the bar to get Kira's attention. "Can you make this man a glass of apple cider, please? Oh!" I catch myself, turning back to the Frenchman. "Hot or cold?"
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"Oh, hush now. That's not ramblin' in the slightest," I assure him with a grin before calling out to Kira to make the man's drink a cold one. "Now, you just hang tight and I'll be out in a jiffy with your pie."

With that, I dart into the back to retrieve a slice of the chocolate eggnog swirl, double-checking the presentation, which is not something I thought too much about before I started at Barton, and then making my way back out to the main room.

"Here ya are!" I tell him, sliding the small plate across the bar with a proud smile. "Only two slices of this one left so I hope that means people find it good. Feel free to tell me what you think!"
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I try not to watch him too closely for his reaction; a lot of people don't much like being watched while they eat and I can't say that I blame them. So I try to busy myself with doing a bit of cleaning up behind the bar. Kira's always so busy making drinks that it can get a little cluttered without some help.

His exclamation catches my attention though and I glance up quickly, already beaming even before I catch his smile.

"Oh, I'm so glad you like it!" I tell him as I quickly finish up rinsing a couple glasses and shoving them into the little washer just below the counter. "That one's a recipe I just found a couple weeks ago. I made a couple alterations, I'll admit. The original asked for a little too much eggnog, I thought. Covered up the chocolate. Anyway, I hope this isn't your dinner! A pie is all well and good, but it shouldn't substitute actual nutrition!"
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The guy's cheeks flush a faint pink and I instantly feel guilty for hassling him at all. He's a grown man, after all, I'm sure he knows just what he should and shouldn't eat and here I've gone making him feel bad about his own adult choices.

"Sorry," I manage through a cringe and a shake of my head. "Spent about two years in a pseudo-frat house harping on boys that hardly know how to tie their own shoelaces. Sometimes I fall into the bad habit of assuming everyone is like that. You can eat anything you darn well please and we'll be happy to serve it here."

I pause then, smiling just a bit when it's clear he's not too irritated. "Fruit sounds good though. And maybe some protein, yeah?"

Jack should be proud I've remembered that one.
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"Oh, are you in school?" I reply, perking up a little. It helps that he seems really genuine and not too insulted by my mother-henning. I know some people can get really irritated by that sort of thing and I've tried to reign it in as much as I can, especially at work, but it's not always easy. "I just enrolled there myself this semester. Culinary Arts. What are you studying?"

I've found it's impossible to guess a person's major based on their outward appearance alone. I mean, no one would ever guess that Shitty was in women's studies, for instance. Or that Jack was in history.

I'm guessing he's not majoring in French, though, since it sounds like that's where he's from.
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No matter how long I've been here or how many different people I've met, finding out someone here is from not only a different country but a different time period always throws me for a loop.

"Oh my goodness," I breathe even as he continues his explanation and then my eyes are growing wide for a whole different reason. "Oh-- Wow, that's-- That's really amazing! And sounds like a whole lot of work. Nothing like baking at all. Is it difficult? I bet it is. I have a friend back home who was pre-law. He got into Harvard and I know he's going to be an absolutely incredible lawyer, but I can't even imagine how hard that stuff is to learn. How much longer do you have?"
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"Well, if you're ever busy working late and you need a pie to get you through, you know where to find me!" I promise him. It occurs to me only after I've said it that Jessica might not agree with that impulse. I'm supposed to be cutting back on my time at Semele's come next semester and I know she's right, I know I really need to, but my impulse is always to offer baked goods to anyone in need.

I grimace a little, guilt clawing at me a bit as I reluctantly add, "Or well. I'll do what I can at least. Derek usually keeps a good stock on hand when I'm not here, but maybe if you give me a head's up beforehand I can wrangle something just for you. I'm supposed to pull back a bit on my hours next semester as I've been kinda runnin' myself ragged the past few months."
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I don't miss the pleased expression on his face when he takes a sip of his cider. Hopefully the spices in it are offsetting the sweetness of the pie favorably; I'd like to think they are, at least.

"Oh, don't you worry about me," I assure him, guilty in that moment for being so transparent. "It's all part of being a student, isn't it? I shouldn't complain. I'm studying baking, at least. Or, well. Culinary arts with an emphasis on pastry baking. Back home, I was going to a four-year school that didn't have anything like that at all so I feel lucky for having the chance here. It's nothing like studying law, I'm sure of that! I wouldn't last a single day in your classes."
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The cider is definitely not my doing, but I'm happy to hear the spices actually do offset the flavor in the pie and I nearly bounce up onto my toes at his approval. "I'll pass that onto Derek for sure. He takes pride in all his drinks here."

I don't know quite what to say when he calls me an artist. It's true there's an artistry to baking and I've seen so many people who actually know how to make real art with their creations, utilizing fondant and frosting and spun sugar. I only know how to do just some of those things and I'll admit I'm lazy and fall back on making pies most of the time. Lattice work is really as fancy as I get.

"I really wouldn't say I'm an artist," I admit finally with a flush to my cheeks. "But goodness, I bet you'll do just fine! It's obvious you're pretty passionate about it and that's what really matters. That'll get you through. I know my friend Shitty -- he's the one who was pre-law back home -- he would pull so many all-nighters for tests and get so, so stressed out, but he always did amazing in the end because he knew just what he wanted. And he got into Harvard."
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"Oh goodness, your accent is just delightful," I tell him, gushing before I can think better of it. Comments on my own accent are often hard to read; so often I can't tell if people are being genuine or sort of condescending and I can only hope that Marius knows I mean it sincerely. It's not often I hear a French accent, after all. Especially here in Darrow.

"My boyfriend's actually French-Canadian," I tell him, ignoring the swoop in my belly that always accompanies this sort of honesty. Nice as Marius seems so far, it's always hard to tell if people might not be okay with the gay thing. "He has an accent too though it's not really like yours at all and it's pretty minimal unless he's really tired."

I hesitate then, afraid I've made it weird and I switch tactics again. "Anyway, you probably get that a lot, don't you? The accent thing. I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you, I just really like it!"