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You're something like a phenomena. [For Freddie; backdated to the night of Nov. 30th]

Continued from here.

Marius delights in the huff of laughter that escapes from Freddie as he presses his hand against him, letting the breathless sound and the way Freddie's eyelids flutter wash right over him. He barely registers the noise of the door opening, clutching as he is at Freddie. He stumbles into the room, dragged by the front of his shirt, and just catches a glimpse of the space of it before Freddie has him pressed up against a wall.

He groans as their mouths meet once more, frantic and hungry; yearning for even more physical closeness, as though they could fuse together through their lips alone. Marius drinks in the sight of Freddie with eager eyes, no longer restrained by the dimly light atmosphere of the Halloween party or any sort of nerves. His mind whirls as he grasps at Freddie with desperate hands, shivering as Freddie exposes the skin beneath his shirt.

And then Freddie has his wrists pinned to the wall.

Marius' head falls back, neck arching with an elongated breath of a moan at the feeling; he shudders. He moans again into Freddie's mouth, rolling his hips forward onto the leg between his thighs, craving the friction desperately.

He whimpers into the words Freddie presses against his lips, nearly rising onto his toes and hips arching forward as Freddie squeezes his wrists. He spills curses in French and English into his mouth before he manages enough focus for coherent speech.

"As many times as you want," he whispers back, voice raw from wanting as he tries to catch his breath. He watches Freddie through heavily-lidded eyes, savoring the sight of his kiss-swollen lips and the desire radiating from all over his body. He rolls his hips again, both for the friction and to encourage Freddie further, egg him on, as the saying goes.
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Laughing at the reply, Freddie rocks his hips forward, grinding his own hardness against Marius's hip as Marius presses up against him in turn. He still has Marius's wrists in a tight grip, but he guides his arms down, holding them closer to his head as the steals another messy, devouring kiss.

"You'll not be able to walk for a week then," he whispers a moment later, his voice only slightly teasing before he bites at Marius's bottom lip and then pulls back.

The bed is a mere few feet away, requiring Freddie to only spin 'round and step forward to push Marius onto the mattress. He makes quick work of his shoes, kicking them off one by one before yanking his shirt up and over his head, dropping it heedlessly to the ground before kneeling onto the bed over Marius, hands once again at the bottom hem of his shirt.

"There anything you don't do?" he asks, his tone almost casual now if not for the heat beneath as he starts tugging the fabric up over Marius's head. "Anything off limits?"
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He flashes a grin at that response, not terribly surprised given what they've done already; a bloke willing to get off in near public is likely one without too many inhibitions. Not to mention their little display downstairs, all those wandering hands in front of families and children alike. Which isn't to say they won't stumble upon something that Marius finds uncomfortable in the heat of the moment, but Freddie's not all that worried about it.

Marius yanks him down close once both their shirts have been removed and Freddie laughs as he collapses forward, muffling the sound against that wide, wet mouth as he shifts slightly, working to straddle Marius's thighs before rocking down, grinding his erection against Marius's.

It's a delicious drag and Freddie doesn't hide his moan, arching into every brush of Marius's wandering hands as he holds his weight on one arm and palms Marius's face with the other, keeping him tipped toward Freddie's mouth.

"Still haven't looked for the lube," he admits, still working his hips as his breathing becomes more ragged. He ducks then, forcibly tilting Marius's head to the side to nip up the side of his neck before stopping just short of his ear. "Maybe I'll just lick you open. How's that?"
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Freddie can't say that begging has ever been any sort of kink of his, but he can't deny that Marius sounds incredible as he does so. Long legs tighten around his waist and hands scramble at his arms, digging into the skin as Freddie nips at the fleshy lobe of Marius's ear, growling as he grinds his hips forward once more.

"Need?" he remarks, his tone teasing as he pulls back a bit to straddle Marius's hips once more. He keeps that contact however, rubbing his arse against Marius's hard length, delighting in the feel of it even between several layers of clothing. "That sounds awfully desperate."

He drops his hands to his own trousers then, idly palming himself as he quirks a brow. It's a bit of a show, he'll admit -- he's always liked the performative aspect of sex -- before he snaps open the top button and pulls down the zip, sighing at the immediate relief before he tucks his hand inside to free his cock from his underpants. He indulges in a slow stroke from base to tip then, eyes still on Marius.

"Could just get myself off like this," he says with a cock of his head. "Come all over you before I even touch you."

It's a tempting idea, really, even if he's just thought of it and he lets it linger for a moment, lets Marius really consider the possibility as he leans forward a bit again, holding his weight on one arm as he lifts up a bit and continues jerking himself with the other.
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It's the tone of Marius's voice that might be his undoing, that rough, raw wanting rocking straight down Freddie's spine. This, he thinks, is why he loves sex so much. Reducing someone the basest level, making them want to be taken apart, beg for it... giving and getting all wrapped up in one. There's no other activity that makes him feel so connected to other people and, even if it doesn't last, even if they part ways tonight or tomorrow night and never see each other again, they'll have had this intimacy and there are very few who could say the same.

He rocks his hips downward again, riding the length of Marius through his trousers as he strokes his hand over himself, breath catching as Marius pushes himself up to lean forward and capture Freddie's mouth with his own.

Surprised by it, Freddie laughs into the heat of that lovely mouth, a sound that quickly melts into a groan as he pushes forward to meet the kiss with one of his own, hungry and uncoordinated. "Oh, I want your mouth again," Freddie assures him when they finally pull apart. He has one hand on Marius's side, feeling up that smooth, freckled skin as he continues to idly stroke touch himself. "It's only a matter of when."

All tease then, he pulls back, sliding off of Marius and off the bed to rid himself of his jeans and underpants. Both garments are tossed to the floor before he bends to work Marius out of his own. He chances a quick glance about the room at the same time, as though he might find a bottle of lube conveniently sitting out in plain sight.

At there very least, there must be a bottle of lotion in the toilet, he thinks.

"Turn over, then," he says, once he's peeled Marius out of his trousers. He gives the man's leg a light, playful slap of encouragement as he kneels onto the bed once more.
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The look Marius gives him is full of such open want that Freddie feels it down to his toes. Though hardly the first he's seen it, not even from Marius, it still goes straight down his spine to settle in the pit of his stomach, making his cock twitch and his heart pound. No one wants him except in these moments but even this, he knows, is better than nothing at all.

And Marius follows orders wonderfully, those lips quirking into a wide grin, cheeks still flushed even as he rolls onto his front, glancing back over his shoulder, still with that look in his eyes.

"Brilliant," Freddie replies, bending then to press a kiss to the hair just behind Marius's ear, drawing a line lower to the nape of his neck. It nearly feels just a bit too intimate and Freddie rectifies that by using his teeth on the soft skin of of Marius's shoulder, not hard enough to wound, but with definite intent. He then works his way back down Marius's spine, licking every bump and ridge and freckle along the way.

Marius is a sight, all lean muscle and light bones. Freddie sees less of Peter now, less than their encounter over Halloween, feels nearly more acquainted with the body before him than the one he'd spent a bit more time with months ago. Though not nearly acquainted enough. Tonight, he supposes, they'll change that.

He rests back on his haunches when he reaches the swell of Marius's arse, smoothing his hands down the fleshy skin to draw the cheeks apart, gaze flicking upward to note Marius's reaction before he bends down low, pressing a kiss just above the crease. "You done this much?" he asks because he does have the feeling Marius has been in this position before. Perhaps just not recently.
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There's a bit of relief in that, but not surprise. As readily as Marius has been to roll over and lift his hips, as eager with the mere promise of this, Freddie could have guessed he's experienced it before. And it requires no gentle coaxing to talk him into it, no promising that it'll feel good if he just relaxes and closes his eyes. Marius already knows.

But there's still a quiet implication in Marius's words Freddie does find surprising and he arches an eyebrow before lowering to press another kiss to that same patch of skin, open-mouthed this time, sucking before he flicks a tongue out to lap at the start of his crease.

"Six months since this or six months since sex of any sort?" And by sex, of course, he means penetration. Some, like Henry, would argue that their meeting at Magnus's party could constitute as sex and Freddie supposes he might agree with them, but this is something more, certainly.

He awaits Marius's reply as he ducks further, spreading his cheeks with the press of two thumbs and kissing a slow line downward until he finds the tight pucker of his hole. He still then, pulling back to brush the pad of his thumb over the sensitive skin instead, teasing faintly as he looks up the stretch of Marius's pale back, still arched for him. "That why you want this so badly?" he asks, voice thoughtful. "Just desperate to be fucked, are you?"
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The fact that, for a moment, Marius can hardly answer, is evidence enough that Freddie is doing something right. He grins quietly to himself as he drags his thumb down the crease to nudge lightly at the tight pucker of his hole. He circles there for a bit, listening both to Marius's voice as well as the movements of his body, reading what he can from every bare movement, every arch and roll of his hips for more.

He hasn't done this in awhile, hasn't had the opportunity. The fact that Marius is so eager is something of a surprise, but a delightful one and he hums softly to himself as he ducks further, licking a line upward this time from the heavy swell of Marius's balls to the tender skin just behind. A gentle lap.

"There's no need for flattery," he says then, his voice low with amusement. "I've already paid for the room."

And he's joking, of course, but there's some bit of sincerity behind it, too. Because it's not Freddie's company most people are after. Sure, he's dated before, dated for weeks and, very very occasionally, months at a time, but there's a reason nothing ever lasts. And he can already tell that Marius with his notebooks and his accent and his education... he'll move on soon enough, find some boy with actual aspirations to be with. Or some girl, obviously.

But for now, Marius is here and Freddie is determined to enjoy every moment. He presses his thumb to tender skin again and leans in, following it with the dart of his tongue, swirling around the ring with a hum.
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"Mmm, yes, I've already seen just how well you spill," Freddie agrees with a low, smug sort of laugh.

More than that, he's seen how Marius moves in pleasure. Their time spent at the party had only been a glimpse, he thinks, just a hint of what Marius is truly capable given the limited time and space they'd had in the moment. While then, half the thrill had been in being seen and heard, in the wandering eyes that may have caught sight of them, here there's a freedom in privacy.

Here, Freddie can truly indulge.

And indulge he does, spreading Marius wide as he lets out a low, hungry groan, licking into the heat of Marius's body. He takes his time, his tongue curling around the rim to tug lightly before he licks further down yet again and right back up. He slides his hands over Marius's thighs at the same time before gripping his fingers around the flare of Marius's hipbones, pulling him back onto his tongue, urging him to move in the way he wants.

He eases back a moment later, replacing his tongue with a single finger, skin slick enough with spit for Freddie to ease it past the first ring of muscle.

"Ever come just from this before?" he asks, his voice more curious than seductive as the clench of Marius's body tightens around that single finger. "Without a hand on your cock?"
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Marius's response is unsurprising; Freddie himself can say he's only managed that feat a handful of times and only with some other aid in his system. He has a realistic enough understanding of his own abilities to know he's not likely to get Marius off that way tonight, but he does like the idea all the same.

It doesn't hurt that Marius keeps fucking back against him, back arched and legs spread, nearly wanton in his movements as Freddie slides his finger in deeper. He's careful to go slow, to wet the way with his tongue and not push harder than Marius's body will allow. Doing this without lube is always a bit trickier, but Freddie's something of an expert after all his experience; he knows how to make it feel good.

Twisting his wrist, he pushes in further as he gives Marius's left cheek a light bite, grinning against the smooth flesh before biting his own lip in concentration.

"How 'bout a mouth?" he asks, voice laced with promise as he crooks his finger just inside, his other hand still curled over Marius's hip. "Not certain I'm quite so good as to get you off untouched, but I'd love to swallow you. How's that?"
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Freddie knows he's good, of course. He's been practicing this for years, after all. And he's had a number of teachers himself, learns a little bit from nearly every single person he's with. Some more than others. But every last person is different, everyone has their likes and dislikes, their turn-ons and turn-offs. Freddie's favourite part is discovering each one for himself and right now, tonight, he has all the time in the world to do just that.

Marius isn't quite shaking, but it seems to be a near thing as he turns his head to look back over his shoulder at Freddie. His cheeks are a lovely shade of red, the colour seeping down over his neck and what little of his chest Freddie can see.

"Good answer," he remarks as Marius struggles to catch his breath, his smile quick and sharp.

He rests back then, one hand hooking under Marius's middle to flip him onto his back before he arranges Marius's legs to stay spread and bent at the knee. Leaning forward, Freddie takes Marius between his lips, suckling at the tip as he slides one hand down, fingers grazing over the swell of Marius's balls and then back behind, finding his spit-slick hole with one fingertip and gently easing in once more.
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Freddie's fucked more than a few law students in his time, and one or two full-on lawyers as well, come to think of it. In his experience, that has little to do with either their ability to answer questions or their sexual prowess but Freddie's delighted so far to find that Marius is an eager participant. He moves easily under Freddie's guidance, sinking back into the mattress and then jerking deliciously when Freddie sinks down onto him. The sound he makes is even more lovely, a ragged, wet thing as his feet slip across the bedding, looking for purchase.

The rock of Marius's hips make it easier for Freddie to slip his finger in further though Freddie's still careful to not go too far. However relaxed Marius might be, however much he clearly wants this, he's still tight and Freddie knows all too well how quickly that can sharpen the pain.

So, for now, he focuses more on the thick of Marius's cock, on sucking more of him inside, tongue circling the sensitive flesh peeking out from his foreskin, the taste of pre-come a hot tang on his tongue. He licks at the slit, humming when he feels another bead slip free before hollowing his cheeks as he sinks down again, careful with his teeth.

Marius's fingers curl into Freddie's hair, a tight grip that goes straight to Freddie's balls. He shifts a little where he is, trying to relieve some of the pressure between his own thighs as Marius curses in French above him. It makes Freddie's lips curl into a grin, makes his bottom teeth lightly scrape the underside of Marius's shaft.
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The curse comes in English this time and Freddie's isn't certain if that's a better sign or worse than the French. Either way, it sounds delicious, the ache in Marius's tone utterly apparent. He'll take it to mean that Marius likes a tiny bit of pain with his pleasure and files it away for later use, focusing right now on hollowing his cheeks as he sinks down low, relaxing his throat as well as he can to take Marius as deep as possible. He's had quite a lot of practice with this in his time, but he's still no expert. Try as he might, he still has a rather annoying gag reflex and it's triggered just a bit when Marius rolls his hips again.

Freddie pulls off with a wet laugh, his hand quickly replacing his mouth as he jerks Marius hard and fast, passing his thumb over the sensitive tip as he drags at his foreskin.

He really does have quite a gorgeous cock, a lovely length and heft and it's so very red right now, aching for release. He can feel the muscles in Marius's thighs drawing tight, can see the clench of his abdomen as everything starts to crest. That'd be evidence enough even apart from Marius's feverish promise and he leans down again, wrapping his lips around the head, tongue briefly at the slit where Marius is still spilling pre-come for the moment before he sinks down a few inches. There's no need to go further, not with Marius as close as he is, but he hums softly, his hand moving where his mouth doesn't reach, pumping him in encouragement, already eager to feel Marius release inside him.
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The roll of Marius's hips turns wild in moments, hands buried in Freddie's hair, tugging and pulling as Freddie squares his shoulder and groans around the length of Marius's cock. He's always loved this part, this moment right before a man comes, when he loses all inhibition and turns downright primal. There's nothing like it in the world. Apart from getting fucked, maybe.

Marius is murmuring all sort of things, words in English and French and everything in between. He may be speaking in tongues for all the sense some of it makes and Freddie can't help but feel that deep in his chest, a warmth spreading outward and all through him, a warmth that makes his cock ache between his legs.

And Marius does warn him ahead of time, both in his movements and his words, tugging sharply at Freddie's hair as his legs begin to shake, whining Freddie's name.

With a grunt. Freddie sinks down deeper, as far as he can go without triggering his gag reflex, and then Marius is spilling, thick and hot and glorious. Pulling back a little, Freddie swallows and coughs just a bit before his grin turns sharp and he curls a hand tight around Marius, jerking him through it, ducking low to collect another rope of come across his tongue, eyes turned upward to watch the shape of Marius's mouth and the expression on his face, to watch as he surrenders completely to his orgasm.

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