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Well I'm a little hot-wired but I'm feeling alright. [Back dated to 4/4/16]

The weekend after his romantic getaway with Rat, Marius knows he cannot avoid Courfeyrac. He needs to pay him, first of all, for taking care of their pets. Also, regardless of the city's tricks, Courfeyrac is his best friend and they live in the same apartment complex. Regardless if Marius could hide away until this wears off (he couldn't; not the least of which because of work), Courfeyrac would find him out, in his Courfeyrac way.

He doesn't know how long this spell will last; he needs to see his best friend.

Marius keeps his long hair braided, the way Rat styled it over the weekend, as he wears one of the outfits they'd picked out; a pair of jeans and something called a peasant's blouse, though Marius has never seen any peasant wear any blouse like it. The shirt exposes more of his chest than Marius would like, but it is also the most modest top of their recent purchases, so he'll make do.

He grabs the money from his wallet, pausing to pet Polyphemus behind the ears, and to give Shelley a goodbye pet as well. Courfeyrac's cat namesake is off skulking somewhere.

He makes his way to Courfeyrac's door, trying to brace himself for the inevitable teasing no doubt awaiting him. He raises his hand and knocks.

"Courfeyrac?" He calls out. "It's me. I have your money for the weekend."
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True to his reputation, Courfeyrac knows a fair few women, and though they do not often appear at his door unexpectedly, it is not unprecedented. Of course, they are usually doing a lot more shouting, so the polite entreaties he hears now are odder still. Puzzled, he nudges his computer off his lap, runs his hands through his hair, and answers the door.

He doesn’t know her. Courfeyrac is almost certain he doesn’t know her. And yet - and yet - there is something dreadfully familiar about the petite, auburn-haired young woman. “Pardon?” He looks over his shoulder into the apartment, as though he might find another Courfeyrac waiting there - the one this stranger is actually looking for. “Money, mademoiselle?"
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“Your pets,” Courfeyrac echoes dumbly, squinting at the girl in his effort to discern why she looks so damnably familiar. “Your…”

Courfeyrac stops, abruptly realizing what that hair, those eyes, those freckles add up to. Eyes wide, he reaches out and pokes the girl in the shoulder. But this offers up no additional evidence, and Courfeyrac must speak, even if the very thought sounds mad.

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“Well, well!” Courfeyrac laughs aloud, though even to his own ears, he sounds a little mad. The entire situation is mad. It is one thing to see this sorcery played out on casual friends and acquaintances; it is yet another to see his dearest friend of all, Marius Pontmercy, appear in perfect womanly form.

“Come in, mademoiselle!” he says with another guffaw, beckoning Marius in. “How long have you been like this? What does your Rat think? Le bon Dieu, what am I to call you?!”
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“Oh, can I please call you Marie?” Courfeyrac beckons his friend in, placing a hand on her (his?) arm as he guides her to the sofa, the gesture both familiar and gentlemanly. He then leaves her there to get wine for them both. “This happened to Porthos, did you know? He was changed until the very day of his wedding” he says, chuckling as he remembered the party the night before. Neither Porthos nor his Aramis had seemed to mind much.

“So imagine, my friend: it could be worse."
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“Ah-ha, so you think you will be my other Marie now, do you?” Courfeyrac waggles his brows. Even as a woman, Marius is still Marius; Courfeyrac would not sleep with him in a million years. But the opportunity to tease is too great. “You make quite a bold woman.”

He slings his arm around “Marie’s” shoulders, smirking as she blushes. Marius has always blushed at the slightest provocation; on his newly girlish face, the blush is quite charming. “Pah, tell them you have fallen ill and take the time to enjoy yourself. You and chere Rat are enjoying yourself, are you not?” he asks with feigned innocence. “I would hate to hear that your weekend away was wasted."
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“My, my, you are pretty when you blush,” Courfeyrac declares brightly. Now that he has gotten over his initial shock, he intends to tease Marius as much as humanly possible about his current unexpected state. Horrifying his dear friend is easy on most days, but this is even better than usual. “Alors, I am glad to hear you are taking full advantage, at least. It would be like you to let such an opportunity go to waste.” He winks. “And how is your new womanhood treating you, otherwise?"
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Courfeyrac sighs and tsks quietly, even now chiding Marius for his historic chastity. “As long as you are taking advantage now,” he says in a long-suffering sort of way, “I will make no mention of of the one-man cloister you once inhabited."

“You could cut it all off, you know. Like these modern girls do.” Experimentally, Courfeyrac lifts a lock of Marius’ hair on his finger. If he stops to think about it too much, he will realize just how odd the situation is - not merely because of the obvious, but because he is used to the world’s normal categories, and his friend’s transformation has upended every one. He cannot flirt with this woman, he would not presume to offer her brotherly protection, but he cannot quite treat her as the comrade she usually is, either.

It’s all rather confusing.
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“You never managed without me,” Courfeyrac answers without missing a beat. “You were a tragically lost lamb, seeking friendship and adventure. Or, to me more accurate, less expensive lodgings than those offered by a cabriolet."

He chuckles, waving away his friend’s money. “Oh bah, do you really intend to pay me? Your feline, while decidedly obnoxious, hardly requires payment. I was happy to assist, friend. Besides, I do not accept money from beautiful women. Ever."
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Courfeyrac clinks his wine glass against Marius’. “When have I ever refused free drinks? That is an exchange I can agree to.” He drains his wine glass, and then tops up a little more in each of their glasses. “Caring for your cat was no hardship, I promise. My namesake is terribly well behaved, in fact. You may have to rename him Combeferrecat."