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Marius ([personal profile] pontmercyfriend) wrote2015-08-21 11:23 am
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Before the world dies at my door, I'll break the sky.

Somehow, Marius gets it in his head that he wants to venture out horseback riding. If he's honest with himself, he doesn't know where this urge comes from, but having a rare Friday off, he finds himself indulging said urge. And as it has proven a criminal amount of time since he's last had an adventure with his best friend, Marius invites Courfeyrac along without a second thought.

He waits for his friend at the stables, watching the instructor, a lovely young woman that will, no doubt, appeal to Courfeyrac's tendency to flirt with every attractive woman he happens upon, as she grooms one of the seemingly younger mares in one of the rings. She'd already assured Marius that she looked forward to taking them out to the best trails in the countryside; he smiles, breathing in the country air and delighting in this reprieve from the city, for the moment.

Running a hand through his usual, tousled hair, as he leans against the fence, Marius catches sight of himself in the mirror of a puddle by his feet. Against the increase in his freckles thanks to the season, the love marks on his neck stand out more prominently; he flushes, but he smiles at the sight. Though he knows such alterations to his appearance will draw even more teasing remarks from Courfeyrac than usual, Marius finds himself welcoming such commentary.

He glances up again when he thinks he hears footsteps approaching. Pulling himself off from the fence, he waves and heads towards where he thinks he spies his best friend.

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