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Before the world dies at my door, I'll break the sky.

Somehow, Marius gets it in his head that he wants to venture out horseback riding. If he's honest with himself, he doesn't know where this urge comes from, but having a rare Friday off, he finds himself indulging said urge. And as it has proven a criminal amount of time since he's last had an adventure with his best friend, Marius invites Courfeyrac along without a second thought.

He waits for his friend at the stables, watching the instructor, a lovely young woman that will, no doubt, appeal to Courfeyrac's tendency to flirt with every attractive woman he happens upon, as she grooms one of the seemingly younger mares in one of the rings. She'd already assured Marius that she looked forward to taking them out to the best trails in the countryside; he smiles, breathing in the country air and delighting in this reprieve from the city, for the moment.

Running a hand through his usual, tousled hair, as he leans against the fence, Marius catches sight of himself in the mirror of a puddle by his feet. Against the increase in his freckles thanks to the season, the love marks on his neck stand out more prominently; he flushes, but he smiles at the sight. Though he knows such alterations to his appearance will draw even more teasing remarks from Courfeyrac than usual, Marius finds himself welcoming such commentary.

He glances up again when he thinks he hears footsteps approaching. Pulling himself off from the fence, he waves and heads towards where he thinks he spies his best friend.
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Courfeyrac has only sat on a horse one or two times. He is no country boy, and neither is he of the noble stock that his father liked to pretend that they were, and so the opportunities were few. That has not stopped him from pretending greater knowledge and skill every opportunity he could since Marius suggested the outing, speaking as though the handful of times he had found himself on the back of a horse had made him expert. He certainly looks the plantoic ideal of a rider as he strolls up to join his friends, his new boots shiny and his jacket smart. If something rougher and more broken in would be appropriate, he missed the memo.

“Pontmercy, my friend! What an excellent day for a ride."
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“I had a cousin with an estate and some delightful horses,” Courfeyrac answers by way of confirmation. Nevermind that he had not ridden any of them since he was a boy, and then, had been largely escorted across the yard by a stablehand. In later years, when he might have actually learned something, his cousin’s maid interested him far more than the equines. No need to explain all that, of course. Courfeyac has never been one to demur. “But I gather that this is an entirely new prospect for you, my friend?"
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Never ashamed of his penchant for inflating his skills, Courfeyrac beams. He only makes a face as Marius mentions his grandfather, for there is a fellow he has long detested, and surely any friend or relative of his would be just as dreadful. “Any acquaintance of your grandfather’s would not be worth the time spent atop a horse,” he declares. “If you fall from your saddle today, it will be in a good cause.”

“Now,” he stuffs his hands in his pockets as he strolls forward, brightening as he spots the pretty stablehand, “what do you have planned for us today?"
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Courfeyrac looks horrified - or would, if the expression were not marred by a distinctively playful twinkle in his eyes. “What sort of brute do you think I am, Pontmercy? You speak as though I intend to pounce upon her the moment we meet. Women like to be charmed, and that takes time.” He winks. “But you will introduce us, won’t you?"
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“Ah, but I am a strategic one,” Courfeyrac insists, his blinding smile returning in full force as they approach the woman in question. “I swear to you, my friend, no matter how charming she is, I will not so readily ruin our outing - and my chances.”

He switches to English for the sake of the woman in question. “Ah, mademoiselle, Marius tells me you will be our guide this afternoon? It is entirely my pleasure."
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Alors, has he been spreading rumors about me already?” Courfeyrac winks at his friend. Marius, he learned long ago, is incapable of intentionally saying a bad word about anyone. The way the woman is smiling certainly confirms Courfeyrac’s suspicion that Marius has only said good things about him.

“We follow your lead, Violette.” Falling in step beside Marius as Violet takes them to the horses, he causally puts his hands in his pockets and shoots his friend an amused look. Pikachu? he mouths - for surely that is the most absurd name for a horse he has ever heard. Thank goodness both were not named so ridiculously.
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Though a lovely looking beast in his own right, Paladin is positively demure in comparison. Courfeyrac strokes his stallion’s nose as he eyes his friend and the mount he must tame. “The name does not quite suit, does it?” he observes with obvious amusement, though he has no inkling of precisely how ridiculous the name is for the creature. Courfeyrac only knows that anything called Pikachu should be sweet and childlike, surely. By the look of him, Marius had assumed the same.

“Baron Marius Pontmercy, I have seen you stare down Paris’ best national guardsmen. You will not be frightened off by an equine.”

Surreptitiously, he winks at Violet.
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“Perhaps while we are riding, you can grace us with the tales of the great Pikachu, and how this beast came to earn such a title,” Courfeyrac suggests playfully. Based on Violet’s reaction, he suspects that they are right about the name’s diminutive origins. He flashes a grin, and then faces his own horse, hesitating ever-so-briefly. Now he must confront the fact that he has not sat upon a horse in a dozen years, and must do so without entirely embarrassing himself.

Choosing, as ever, to face his predicament head-on, Courfeyrac puts his unscuffed boot into the stirrup and levers himself up - or, at the very least, attempts to. Lacking the proper momentum, he is unable to get his leg over, and ends up clutching the saddle with his foot still caught in the stirrup.

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Courfeyrac might have his pride, but he also knows when he has been bested. “I would be quite glad for your help, mademoiselle.” He takes the hand she offers, and allows her to help him return to the ground. Then he lets her lever him up, this time succeeding in mounting the horse. The animal, meanwhile, continues to stand placidly. Courfeyrac wonders if he should not have asked for a more spirited beast.

As soon as he settles into the saddle, Courfeyrac is full of contented cockiness once again. “You are a miracle worker, cherie,” he tells Violet, who looks none impressed with her upgraded diminutive. “Now, why don’t you help our poor friend over there?”

He winks at Marius.
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Courfeyrac’s eyes twinkle in reply, inclined, as always, to assume that chere Violet is laughing with them, not at them. He tugs on the reigns, pleased when his horse responds - and never mind that the beast is likely trained to follow its leader, not its rider. “We are indeed.” He grins at his companion. “Do not look so distressed, Marius. I do not think Pikachu will defeat you today."
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To Courfeyrac’s credit, he stares in genuine horror after his friend for a good five seconds before he bursts into laughter. “Ah, mon Dieu- Alors, nique ta mere-“ he swears in two or three other languages, cheerfully flabbergasted, and then looks to his guide with wide eyes. “Was that meant to happen?” And then, “Will he be all right? By God, leave it to Marius…” He chuckles again. “Oh dear."

His own placid horse takes advantage of the halt to nibble on some grass.
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“Bah, I knew you could handle yourself!” Much to Courfeyrac’s chagrin, his own horse follows its leader with a careful plod, but he is grinning as he joins Violet and Marius. “And here you are! What did I have to worry about?”

He winks at Violet. Freckles. He’ll have to remember that one.
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Well acquainted with Marius’ moods, Courfeyrac waits out his friend’s grumbling without ribbing or complaint. As they set out down the path, he begins to whistle quietly under his breath, tipping his head up slightly to enjoy the blue sky and bright sun. He might be a city boy at heart, but the unpredictable wildness of the countryside has an appeal to him, certainly. At least in small doses.

He raises his brows innocently at his companion. “Well, Monsieur le Abbe no longer suits you. I was in the market for a new nom de guerre.”

Much to Courfeyrac’s growing dismay, his horse appears to be much more poorly named. Where Pikachu is all nerves, Paladin plods sensibly along, head drooping slightly. “Le bon Dieu,” Courfeyac sighs, half laughing, “have you given me an old soldier, Violette? Our brave knight seems to have lost some of its vigor.”

As though aware he has been insulted, Paladin stops abruptly. Laughing again, Courfeyrac gives the horse a swift kick in the sides.

“Don’t-“ He barely hears Violet’s protest, for the horse bucks in response, sending Courfeyrac tumbling to the ground.

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