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Better hold on tight; here comes the night. [Backdated to July 24th]

Friday nights at Tintern Abbey usually prove to be hurricanes of drinks, people, limbs flashing, and inappropriate remarks directed towards and occasionally even hailing from the staff. While not as overtly wild as other establishments, Tintern still boasts its fair share of alcohol-fueled incidents, especially on the weekends. However, tonight seemed tamer, than usually, Marius thinks, as he exits the bar and starts his walk home. They only had one person vomit at the edge of the bar, and hardly a peep from some of the regulars who usually enjoy provoking other people for sport.

He suspects it has something to do with that so-called 'fight club' he's heard rumors of, starting that very afternoon, at the start of his shift. A gathering where people of all ages and abilities can get together and have at one another with everything that they've got. He chews on his bottom lip, contemplating the idea; he imagines Grantaire is probably there. Perhaps even Courfeyrac. And while the idea strikes at his curiosity, Marius' sense of self-preservation, slim and nearly nonexistent as it may be, flickers in the back of his thoughts, preventing him from veering towards that direction.

As quiet as his shift tonight has been, Marius still finds himself longing for his couch and a good book to keep him company for the rest of the night. And perhaps he'll call Rat, just to chat. He's been on his feet all day; he wants nothing more than to sprawl lazily next to his cats for the next while.

Drifting into images of his cats, wine, books, and potential phone calls, Marius finds his head in the clouds once more. A sudden noise from a figure heading towards him only breaks through the haze of his thoughts just in time.

"Hello?" He calls out, tensing momentarily as he thinks of the increased number of vampire attacks he keeps hearing about.
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"Just me," Rat says, stepping further into the light. Running into Marius on the way home had been a possibility but Rat hadn't really expected the coincidence. Now here he is, shirt hanging loosely off his own shoulders and his hair in disarray. It all makes a nice accent to the pink and puffy cheek that he knows will darken into a real bruise. The split lip that's only barely scabbed over doesn't look much better either.

"You should be careful walking home alone at night."

He's perfectly aware of the hypocrisy of the comment but Rat doesn't much care. It's the warning he'd give anyone on nights like this.

"I'll walk you home."
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Rat grins toothily, even if the effort strains the bruise on his cheek. Even after walking home, the adrenaline and the heightened confidence it brings are still coursing through him. He'd had his fair share of bouts tonight and won almost all of them through trickery and fighting dirty. Most of what shows through is pride.

"I may have heard a rumor of a fight club," he says. "And I may have gone. And I may have gotten into a few fights."

Slinging an arm around him gently, Rat nods. He won't apologize for going to fight, but he is sorry for upsetting Marius however briefly.

"Did you think I might be an attacker?" It's easy to leave personal offense at the wayside. The whole city is slowly becoming more and more dangerous at night.
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"I don't blame you, this whole city is spooked when it comes to those things. Better you stay sharp at night," Rat says, unbothered. He'd rather that his dear people have an excess of caution and direct it at him (which they should anyway) than be too trusting and take harm for it. Especially Marius. He hooks a finger into Marius' belt loop and walks toward Dimera, ears open.

When Marius mentions food, Rat must admit that his stomach growls. He'd spent quite a few calories in his fights and now that he thinks on it, his body reminds him that it can't run on spite alone.

"I do like cake," he agrees. He'll also be stealing ice for his cheek, if only to make a show of tending to his bruises for Marius' peace of mind.
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Rat nods. Maybe it hadn't been vampires, but the West District had been plagued by the desperate and hungry. Armed with knives and under cover of night, they'd been potentially as dangerous as vampires. "Doesn't exactly make you homesick, does it?"

Keeping close to Marius, Rat hops up the stairs and waits for him to take out his key. "Hurry now. I think these bruises are starting to make me feel a little faint." He puts on a little show of swooning before grabbing Marius for a kiss once they've cleared the door.

"We can have tea presently."
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"They sound unpleasant," Rat agrees, not saying aloud that he can name all of them in his head, beginning with Montparnasse. Someday, soon, he needs to tell Marius what he knows, but when? Tonight would be a terrible time. "Too familiar," he says instead. "But I'd rather than a completely tidy place. Too clean, too safe to be real."

He thinks, of course, of the quiet avenues of No. 6 and then decides he would rather concentrate on the efforts of kissing Marius.

"Needy little bastards," he says, gracing each cat with a firm scratch to the ears that leaves them winding around his ankles. It takes the sound of pouring food to pull them from Rat as he peruses Marius' fridge.
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"Ice cream," he says lazily. "That sounds nice." What sounds nicer is leaning back against Marius, enjoying the brief flickers of mischief he finds in his lover. Rat is glad for them, those moments of selfish, sharp wit. It makes him certain that if he's corrupting someone, it's not in a way that Marius considers harmful.

It's that knowledge that lets him relax, eyes closed and head lolling back against Marius' shoulder. There's a lot he has to lay at Darrow's feet out of anger or resentment, but Marius isn't one of them.

"I'm surprised I'm not getting a stern talking-to for my fighting."
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Marius wraps up his attempt at a lecture with an acknowledgment that it will fall on deaf ears, especially when Rat's sustained far worse injuries than the ones he received tonight. "There were no weapons in any of my matches. Only one person was a real match for me." He's decided he likes Christina, or as much as he likes anyone who isn't Marius. She's strong and fearless and doesn't pull her punches.

"But if you're going to be here to kiss it better, I really don't see a reason to stop." Turning in Marius' arms, Rat closes the space for a real kiss. Taking a few steps away, he lets the door swing closed and focuses his attention on his lover for a moment.

"So what'll it be? Ice cream or dessert?"
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"She knew very well about how to fight," Rat agrees. It's as close as he comes to respect. Obviously the girl, Christina, had had training, but she'd fought smart too, been improvisational where it made itself necessary. "The rest of them were cheap brawlers who thought I was too skinny to be a challenge.

Their mistake.

Rat leans back against the fridge and deepens the kiss, only parting when he must so Marius can talk. Even with the sprawling mess of bruises he has, the idea of chasing Marius into bed sounds delightful at the moment. "I think that that sounds perfectly acceptable."
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Rat just grins wickedly at that, flexing and rolling his shoulders so that Marius can feel the slide of muscle beneath his clothes. Oh they had gotten quite the surprise indeed and Rat isn't the least sorry about it. If those people had been stupid enough to think size was a direct correlation to skill then that was their problem. "I made my point," he says sweetly.

The sudden heat to Marius' kisses draws a low chuckle out of Rat and he starts to push back, nudging Marius away from the fridge and to the door of his bedroom. "I think we can wait on the ice cream, don't you?" Marius is not so shy as he once was and for once Rat feels no fear in encouraging it.
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It's very different from their first few times. Marius is bold and his touch is burningly, deliciously authoritative. He is as in control of what he wants as Rat, no longer blushing but experienced, as assured in his desires as Rat is. It's a powerful, addicting change.

Bending into the kiss, Rat grinds his hips down, trying to provoke some noise from Marius as he teases hands down his stomach. Mischief in his face, he grabs Marius' wrists and pins his hands above his head for a moment, just to watch his reaction.
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Rat leans up to get a look at him, grinning. "Remind me to look into silk ties," he teases. It'll have to be silk or something equally luxurious; he imagines that Marius will appreciate the juxtaposition. "Because you look like you enjoyed that far too much."

Smothering any response that Marius might have, Rat leans back down to kiss him and releases his wrists. He's curious to see what Marius wants, if he'll tell him. Rat knows what it is he likes and what he wants, but now he's curious to see if Marius has formed his own opinions yet.
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"I'm going to remember that," Rat says. He closes his eyes and enjoys that soft touch. Determined to let Marius speak his desires first, Rat waits to say that he might enjoy some softness for once. There will come a time for him to speak, but oh does he enjoy the blush on Marius' face, only able to imagine what might be crossing his lover's mind.

Grinning, Rat bends to kiss him before working on the buttons of Marius' shirt. "You've been reading," he guesses. Encouraging that blush, Rat drops on a kiss on each inch of skin he exposes until he's nuzzling at Marius' stomach with a hand cupping the bulge in his trousers.

"We could go shopping. What would you do if we went to a sex shop?" He asks it from the vicinity of Marius' hips, grinning up and hoping to encourage that blush.
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"No, keep talking," Rat says. He moves his hand up so that he can go about the business of opening Marius' trousers and getting them out of the way. At the mention of Marius' gift card, Rat pauses at looks at him, all raised brows and mischievous expression before returning his attention to getting Marius into a state of nakedness.

Sitting up on his legs, Rat makes a show of admiring Marius while he removes his own shirt. The collection of bruises under the fabric are already turning a riot of color, particularly around his stomach and hips from grappling with Christina. They sting but Rat isn't particularly concerned, his attention caught on the heat pooling around his stomach and groin.

"We'll really have to think about your fantasies then," he says, slipping out of his loose track pants and returning to his position above Marius in only his boxers.

The adrenaline of fighting is so easy to translate into sexuality, his body forgetting its injuries at the prospect of making love. He can be sore tomorrow.

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