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'Cause he knows he's taking chances.[Backdated to 4/27/15]

He's needed to see Courfeyrac long before this, of course.

Since he first recovered from being magically shrunk to a child, really. And it has been something of an age since it's been just the two of them, old friends chatting away from even the loud space of a quiet bar. Marius knows, of course, this is his fault; he's kept himself locked away, mourning in solitude the way he once did in Paris, only pausing long enough to attend his shifts at work.

There's so much he wishes he could go back and fix, in hindsight. Especially now, when everything has changed, yet again.

He's carefully making his way towards his best friend's rooms, cradling a pot of freshly brewed coffee before him as though he were a child clinging to a stuffed animal. It's one of his favorite blends, purchased from a small cafe just down the road. Something about vanilla, pecans, and cinnamon in the flavor - he can't remember the exact name. All he knows is that it's delicious. And hopefully will help soothe his nerves for whatever comes of this conversation. (He's trying to avoid alcohol, even as much as he might want a glass of wine.)

He walks up the stairs to the ninth floor, chewing nervously on his bottom lip as he focuses on not spilling the drink. He pauses in the hallway before Courfeyrac's door to adjust his collar; he's wearing a shirt similar in style to those he wore in Paris, with the thicker fabric and the higher collars. He's also wearing his old cravat on top of that. Hopefully, the marked skin beneath won't show through.

He expels a lengthy breathe, then finally raises his hand to knock on the door.

"Courfeyrac? Are you home?"
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Courfeyrac has only just returned from City Hall: his tie is loosened but not yet discarded, the television is on, but he has not yet begun the often-futile search for a well-balanced dinner. The knock surprises him, but he grins when he opens the door and finds Marius. Perhaps some would find it far too late in the day for coffee, but Courfeyrac has gained an impressive tolerance. “Marius, what a surprise! Mon Dieu, that smells heavenly. Whatever is the occasion?” Sharp-eyed as ever, he has not missed that his friend appears quite formally dressed.
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Courfeyrac smirks wickedly; he is well acquainted with the vague and unpoetic term ‘hung out,’ but in his world, it usually means the speaker is looking for sex, but is too much a lady (by modern standards) to say so aloud. Naturally, Marius would stumble into a double-entendre without even realizing.

He claps his dear friend on the shoulder. “And I would never refuse your company. Have a seat.” He takes the pot of coffee and proceeds to the kitchen, pouring them both a mug of the still-warm liquid. “Milk and sugar?”
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“An insult to both saints and myself,” Courfeyrac shoots back cheerfully. He has known Marius long enough to be familiar with how his friend takes his coffee; more than that, he knows when Marius is even more nervous than usual about something. Sipping from one of the mugs he carries back into the living room, he eyes the young man skeptically. “You’re as jumpy as a rabbit, mon ami. Are you sure you don’t need a drink instead?"
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“Stuff,” Courfeyrac echoes with an expression full of skepticism. After setting his own mug on a side table, he sinks into his armchair with his usual studied nonchalance, a sort of perfectly choreographed and graceful slump.

“Are you going to tell me, or is this another guessing game? A warning, Portmercy - the effect is not quite so charming now that you are no longer small."
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Courfeyrac waits patiently - or with as much patience as the men ever possesses - while Marius fidgets, and hesitates, and stares into his coffee. He is about to laugh, about to demand, out with it, my good fellow, but then the words spill out of Marius’ mouth, and Courfeyrac sits back in his chair. This can only be good news, and not only for prurient reasons. Perhaps Marius has not fallen into the despair Courfeyrac feared. What glorious news.

A slow grin spreads on his face. “Well, I’ll be damned."
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Courfeyrac beams. “Every step towards damnation helps. I am grateful for your assistance, M’sieur le abbe.” With a laugh he adds, “I suppose we will have to find you a new nickname, mon ami. Who was the lucky woman, then?” For all his almost mocking glee, Courfeyrac is truly happy for his friend, both for this long-awaited loss of innocence, and for the obvious happiness that brightens his eyes. Surely, he has not seen Marius looking this delighted since chere Kathy vanished.
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Sitting back in his chair, Courfeyrac blinks a few times, rather surprised by this revelation. That is not to say that the idea shocks him – for he is, as a rule, in favor of sex in all its wonderfully depraved varieties, including plenty that do not interest him personally – but he certainly never expected shy, chaste, romantic Marius to stumble into something quite so…well, interesting.

But Courfeyrac never stops grinning. “By the saints of Olympus and the gods of Paradise, as Grantaire would say. I really will be damned.”
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“What is he, some sort of overgrown gamin?” Courfeyrac quips, amused by the name. Rat. Gavroche would like it in its evocative simplicity. “Well, well, well,” he chuckles again, still turning this news over in his mind. “Pontmercy, you never cease to surprise me. It is one of your most delightful qualities."
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“Good. One never wants to be bored with oneself.” Courfeyrac shudders. “What a disaster that would be.” Lucky for them all, this Rat fellow sounds not the least bit boring. Under all those layers of innocence, Marius has a bit of hardscrabble and stubbornness in his heart, too - he would have never lasted so long, so gotten so far, without it - and it seems right, if a bit surprising, that he has found someone with equal grit.

“I will have to meet him,” he declares, as though Marius has no choice in the matter. Which, in fact, he does not.
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“Well, of course. I would hate to have you hiding this fellow away forever. Where would be the fun in that?” Courfeyrac senses that there is something different from Kathy, and of course from his Mamselle la Noire, in this Rat fellow, and not just in regards to his sex. No one calls themselves Rat without a particular sort of story.

Courfeyrac snaps his fingers, realizing that he has seen an unfamiliar fellow hanging about Marius, young and wiry, with a suspicious glint in his dark eyes. “He was at my party, was he not?"
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Courfeyrac shrugs amiably. “Perhaps not with perfect clarity, but I do think I remember the fellow. You were leading him about a bit, were you not? Sorry to say, mon ami, but your friends are not so very many, and when I see one I do not know, I pay attention.” He chuckles. “I must say, I would have never thought you would go for the brooding sort."
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“Dear me, and I thought Jehan was the only Romantic in our midst.” Courfeyrac grins, not at all surprised, in truth. Marius has always had a brooding nature, though unlike Prouvaire’s, he thinks it is less affect than something that can edge on true misery. He will have to find the Poe - or whatever other melancholy author Marius has fallen into - and read it dramatically at proper intervals.

“No matter, your gentleman can brood all he wants, and so can you, as long as he makes you smile from time to time."
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“Well, thank the gods, for you could always do to smile more.” For all his playful tone, Courfeyrac is deadly serious; he has seen Marius brood too often and for too long, and anyone who can bring him out of that misery must be a good chap. He might tease his dear friend to excess, but Courfeyrac much prefers blushing, stuttering Marius Pontmercy to his miserably moping counterpart.

“We should have drinks,” he decides. “The three of us. And don’t you dare try to wriggle out of it, Pontmercy."
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"You are easy to predict! That is hardly my fault. I only need use my excellent powers of observation, and then I can nudge you precisely where I wish you to go. Our for drinks, for example." Courfeyrac winks. "Oh, but it only seems right to warn him. He probably can't see past that smile of yours and has no idea what an utter maniac you can be."
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“I suppose he must,” Courfeyrac says with a smirk that is nearly a leer. “You must have quite a bit of pent up energy, my friend.” Laughing cheerfully at his own joke, he rises to his feet. “The coffee is lovely, mon ami, but this occasion calls for wine. You will have a glass with me before you dash back to ton amour, will you not?"
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“I have yet to decide if we must blame America for that, or the future,” Courfeyrac sighs, pushing himself to his feet and going to collect the celebratory wine. He has gathered up quite a collection in his time here, sampling and testing strange varieties, and inevitably falling in love with the very cheap and the inordinately expensive, which he buys in equal quantities. Today, he chooses one of the latter, a dark red that comes from a place called Napa - not quite a French wine, but damned near close to good enough. Courfeyrac pours two glasses and brings them back to Marius.

“A toast to your virginity,” he smirks. “May we never have cause to miss her."
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Courfeyrac clicks his heels together and offers a sweeping bow, wine glass held high. “Always, mon ami. And you enjoy ever minute of it.” He sits next to Marius on the sofa and clinks their glasses together. “To you and your overgrown gamin. What a future we have discovered,” he chuckles, picturing with a bit of baffled wonder the Marius Pontmercy he had freed from his cabriolet all those years ago. The man beside him has the same dreamy shyness about him, the same freckles that betray his every mood, but in so many ways he is a different man: braver, and bolder, and altogether more sure of himself. This strange and miraculous future has certainly worked its magic on his friend. “I could never have imagined it. And I have quite the lurid imagination, you know."
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“Naturally,” Courfeyrac says without missing a beat. “Some men might complain that too little is left to the imagination these days, but those men lack ingenuity.” He winks. Like so much of his bluster today, his smirks are all for show - even more than usual - deployed to make Marius smile more than blush. For once, his friend’s joy infects him instead of the other way around, a state of affairs Courfeyrac finds delightfully novel and worth encouraging.

But not tonight. Tonight, Marius must have other plans - and if he does not, Courfeyrac will ensure they are made. “But I would not dare keep you long,” he says brightly. “I would not want to keep you from your gamin The two of you have much to discuss, I'm sure."
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Courfeyrac scoffs. “Finish my wine, and then get the hell out, Pontmercy,” he demands with a cheerful grin. “Far be it for me to be the one who keeps you from your lessons in the art of physical love. And intellectual debate, too!” He laughs. “Ah yes, the quips and sallies of the besotted. Do indulge in that as well. Shoo."