Apr. 19th, 2017

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Marius has a rare afternoon free. He's spent the morning in classes, and he doesn't have a shift at Tintern today. He spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon studying, so he thinks he's deserving a bit of fresh air and a break. So now he finds himself on one of his walks, meandering throughout Darrow with no true purpose in mind besides letting himself enjoy being out of doors.

He almost passes a store called Menewood, lost as he is in thoughts and daydreams. But a flash of something in the window display catches his eye, and he pauses. It looks to be a place of herbal medicine and healing, which peaks his interest. So he pushes open the door and makes his way inside.

The interior seems very comfortable, with a sofa and tables amid the shelves. He starts to browse, wondering if he might find something to help with his studies or help him relax, when he spots a familiar face he hasn't seen in quite some time.

"Hild?" He says, making his way over to her, hoping he's not interrupting.
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Marius doesn't especially want to go out tonight. Not when he has his finals to prepare for, as well as his myriad of essays and projects to edit and finish. He also has a meeting later this week with his advisor he'd really like to start preparing for as well. Not to mention, he hasn't slept well this past week, what with his homework and the work load at Tintern Abbey. He's just about closed nearly every night this week, this night being the first that he has free.

But Ariel, a friend and fellow student, insists that he come out to drinks with her and Nichole, her girlfriend of nearly a year, well. He couldn't refuse, not when Ariel saved his ass on a research project a couple of months back.

His first thought when they enter the bar, a place called Styx, is that he is entirely overdressed for the occasion, considering the crowds on the dancefloor and otherwise. Men without shirts and women barely wearing anything at all. Lots of glitter and noise. A vibrant place, he sees, following Ariel and Nichole to the bar.

He feels like the third wheel a moment later, when his friends make their way to the dancefloor. They promise him they'll be right back, but, well. Marius knows better; he's seen that smile on Ariel's face many times before.

Well, he thinks, laying his chin across his folded arms on the table as he considers what he wants to drink, at least he can get drunk out of all of this.
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