Jul. 28th, 2015

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Friday nights at Tintern Abbey usually prove to be hurricanes of drinks, people, limbs flashing, and inappropriate remarks directed towards and occasionally even hailing from the staff. While not as overtly wild as other establishments, Tintern still boasts its fair share of alcohol-fueled incidents, especially on the weekends. However, tonight seemed tamer, than usually, Marius thinks, as he exits the bar and starts his walk home. They only had one person vomit at the edge of the bar, and hardly a peep from some of the regulars who usually enjoy provoking other people for sport.

He suspects it has something to do with that so-called 'fight club' he's heard rumors of, starting that very afternoon, at the start of his shift. A gathering where people of all ages and abilities can get together and have at one another with everything that they've got. He chews on his bottom lip, contemplating the idea; he imagines Grantaire is probably there. Perhaps even Courfeyrac. And while the idea strikes at his curiosity, Marius' sense of self-preservation, slim and nearly nonexistent as it may be, flickers in the back of his thoughts, preventing him from veering towards that direction.

As quiet as his shift tonight has been, Marius still finds himself longing for his couch and a good book to keep him company for the rest of the night. And perhaps he'll call Rat, just to chat. He's been on his feet all day; he wants nothing more than to sprawl lazily next to his cats for the next while.

Drifting into images of his cats, wine, books, and potential phone calls, Marius finds his head in the clouds once more. A sudden noise from a figure heading towards him only breaks through the haze of his thoughts just in time.

"Hello?" He calls out, tensing momentarily as he thinks of the increased number of vampire attacks he keeps hearing about.
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