Mar. 3rd, 2015

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Out of all of the modern inventions he’s still adjusting to, modern sweets manage to confound and delight Marius the most. Sitting on a bench in the park, (half of him wants to wallow by the sea, the other half flinches at the very idea), he nibbles a bit a strange confection known as a Peep. Shaped like a bird and colored like a crayon, he twirls the figure before taking another bite. The treat’s sweetness is enough that he almost smiles; but then, he thinks of Kathy again and his brief respite sours.

He should have known, given the nature of his life up until Darrow, that such happiness as he found with Kathy, like the warmth of spring, never could last. And he thought he would have learned by now, but he supposes there is still so much of him that remains naïve, like a child.

It has been months now, since he found her apartment vacant. His stomach curls at the memory of it; the sudden realization as he knocked to no response. He’d pulled out his phone then, of course, fingers trembling in panic as he tried to type out a simple text message. He’d waited for a good ten minutes before making the actual call, but by then, the unfurling knot in the pit of his stomach alerted him to the truth.

Kathy was gone, back to her world and the tragic fate that awaited her there.

Marius somehow made it back to his own apartment, where he fell onto his couch in the midst of his tears, awakening hours later to Courfeyrcat kneading his arm.

He became something of a recluse, barely leaving his apartment beyond the need for work and errands.

So today he decided to take the initiative; he left his apartment in the hopes of distracting himself. The promotions for Easter in various shops caught his eye, and for a moment, he felt himself transported from the aching in his chest.

But of course, that illusion vanished before he could fully maintain a hold on it.

Even though time moves on, the weight of the ache in his heart anchors Marius to the past. So now he sits on his bench, beneath the shadow of a nearby lamppost, with marshmallow birds for company, as day fades into evening.

[ooc: Open to anyone and everyone; Marius is really sad but it's not a bad time to meet him!]
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